Do You Want To See My Etchings?

I've always wanted to legitimately use that phrase, and now I can.

Not because at 42 years old I have finally turned into a Mrs. Robinson-esque figure...

(No, my friends, that would never work.  I couldn't carry off the whole Mrs.Robinson seductive gig if I tried.  I'm more of an "inadvertantly sitting on a whoopee cushion after slipping on something I've dropped on the floor" type of a woman.  But hey, to know me is to love me.  Apparently.)     

...  But because I have been using noxious chemicals to do strange things with copper.

I have been etching! 

Made from copper sheet and wire, these earrings were etched, then curved to allow them to hang well.  I  oxidised the copper to add depth and interest.  I wasn't sure I was going to like etching, but I loved it!

I have made some other etched earrings that I'll share soon.

For the past wee while, I have been taking myself to a jewellery design class.  I have made some fantastic friends, and have loved every minute of going and learning:

 1. How to keep an art journal. 
2.  How to find inspiration for new jewellery designs.
 3.  How to design jewellery.
4.  How to make my jewellery designs a reality.

The class has now finished and the college is hosting an exhibition of the work of its students.  Some of my jewellery designs will be on display along with the jewellery designs of my friends in the class.  

If you're near my neck of the woods and would be interested in going, leave a comment and I'll message the details to you.



  1. I can't remember where your neck of the woods is, but I'm guessing it's not in SW Scotland, otherwise I'd be along like a shot :)

  2. I've been Mrs. Robinson to a young German lad ;)
    Anyway, Emma these are absolutely amazing and please tell me you will sell your jewelry soon so I can buy something.

  3. What a great class to attend to. The earrings look great!

    Lieve groet & happy weekend,


  4. Hey Em.....yes actually I would like to see your etchings..they are FAB!
    Lovely to have you back again...(wow! to your last monumental post ...powerful beautiful words. ThankYOU)
    The class sounds fantastic....and what an eye you for creating such beautiful and elegant jewellery. LOVE them :)x Big hugs to youx

  5. You must feel a great sense of achievement every time you wear your earings... well done, they are wonderful! Abby x

  6. I'd definitely love to see your etchings if they are as fabulous as those beautiful earrings. You are so clever! xxx

  7. They remind me of salamanders or the shields of turtles! Very nice.


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