There's Someone I'd Like You To Meet...

A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting drinking a cup of tea, when I got a quiet but excited feeling telling me I needed to pick up my art journal and drawing pens.  I did as I was told (!) and my pen started to move across the paper.  The date was Tuesday 17th July 2012.                      .

 When I'd finished, this little treasure was on the page.  Do you remember me posting her picture a couple of weeks ago?


Well, ever since then, every couple of days or so, I get that excited, itchy feeling, telling me she's wanting to come out onto the page again.  I know this sounds daft, but that's what happens.  Each appearance she makes leaves me smiling.   So far, she's shown up a few times with messages telling me how to enjoy the glitter of each day.  How to make sparkly moments.  How to see the little things that shine brightly.  And how to shine myself.  I've decided not to keep her to myself, as she seems to have a lot to say and wants to say it to more people than just me.  So here she is.

 She's very twinkly, so I named her Twinkly Matilda.  I'll post about her as and when she shows up on the pages of my art journal.  And as I have a feeling she's going to be around for a while, I've added a button to my sidebar so that you can go directly to her whenever you need to find a little nugget of sparkle and glitter to add to your day.

I hope Twinkly Matilda brings you as many smiles as she brings me.


  1. I just love Twinkly Matilda she is so pretty! you are very talented sweetie :)

    Bee happy x

  2. yay! Twinkly Matilda- go girl go!

  3. Dear Emma,

    Twinkly Matilde looks really sweet.......Isn't she the perfect little fairy for a children's book?

    Have a lovely evening,

    Madelief x

  4. Thankyou for introducing us to Twinkly Matilda, Emma. She surely sparkles!

  5. What a sweetie she is, Em! Love her name! xo

  6. Hellooo dear ♥Emma,
    I am so glad that you have shared your delightful ★Twinkly Matilda with us. My 4 year old friend ♥Bella met my doll ♥Sophie recently and she told me her name was really ★Sparkly Sophie. I think ★Twinkly Matilda and ★Sparkly Sophie would have some good FuN together.....
    and ★Sparkly Sophie is very much like ★Twinkly Matilda in that I get this feeling too of her telling me she's wanting to come out...So No you don't sound daft to me....
    And yes it makes sense to me "she leaves you smiling, she shows you how to enjoy the glitter of each to make sparkly to see the little things that shine brightly...And how to shine yourself...."
    Simply Splendid!!-
    ★Sparkly Sophie is telling me to tell you she has a beautiful new rainbow ballerina dress that she would like to show to ★You and ★Twinkly Matilda.
    ♥LOVE and twinklings & sparklings & glitterings and Big Smiles ★【ツ】
    ⊱♥⊱♥⊱♥⊱ lღvε ⊱♥⊱♥⊱♥⊱

  7. I have a feeling I'll be following along with Twinkly Matilda's adventures! :-) She seems quite a character!

    Jem xXx

  8. I love her too! She's so colorful and fun.

  9. She's a gem! Look forward to seeing more of Twinkly Matilda!!!

  10. Your blog is adorable! It gave me happy feelings, the bright colors and the fun way you write makes others cheery! I love this picture!


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