Sweet Valentine

Today we celebrate the day dedicated to love. Love. My favourite word (apart from collywobble).

When I was growing up, Valentine's day held huge hope for me. I was a teenage romantic and the word love represented romantic love. (I spent the earlier part of my teens sporting a 24 hour shadow on my top lip.  A beautifully impressive set of orthodontic braces.  A mono-brow. And a slightly bemused look. Romantic love remained a distant dream until I discovered cream bleach and tweezers. I wondered recently if this was just a distorted view of myself I was remembering, and then I found my old school bus pass amongst some bits and bobs.  My view of myself was wholly accurate.)

Now, Valentine's day means something different to me. As an adult, I've learnt that "all love is sweet". Including, if I can manage it, a loving acceptance of myself. Just as I am.

I like to focus on how much love there is in my life and be very loving to the people around me. I try to do this every day, but more so on Valentine's day. All love is sweet. 

I take a day off from negative self-talk.  I let go of all the "I wish my legs were longer, my bottom smaller," self-flagellation and try to only have kinder thoughts towards myself. More "well, hello you's" as I pass by the mirror and fewer screams. 

Sometimes I manage it. 

And painting my nails pillar box red always helps. As well as grabbing my cats, getting cosy under a blanket and watching a good film.  With the odd chunk of chocolate here and there. 

I try to do as many loving things as I can on Valentine's day, for myself and other people. Give smiles more. Say "I love you" more. Phone some one I love and share some time hearing them instead of talking. I focus on these things as much as I can every day, but I make a conscious decision to fill Valentine's day with all kinds of love. Because, as far as I can see, love is what this living thing is all about.

At the end of Valentine's day, I like to grab my cats, give them a good ole squeeze and tell them I love them too. They hate it and their eyes bulge. But as I've mentioned, all love is sweet.  Even the eye bulging hugs kind.

I hope you have a beautifully loving Valentine's day. How do you like to spend yours?

Lily and the ones she loves


Cuddle a cat 'til their eyes bulge.  It helps.

Fancy slippers are very important

Surround yourself with fluffy things

But don't squeeze too tight
Sending huge Valentine's day love to you and yours.

P.S. I've put Lily and her big comfy chair into the "Free Glitter" section, so you can download her for your desk-top screensaver.  All I ask is that you don't use her for re-sale purposes. Happy Valentine's day. Sending love. Em x


  1. yes.....a big warm breezy yes to this bit of loveliness:)
    Love is a beautiful thing....the most sure thing....the only lasting thing.
    And it's wholly worthy of celebrating anytime, anywhere.
    Love to you and your beautiful heart,

    1. Hello Jennifer, I wholeheartedly agree with you that love is the only lasting thing and absolutely worth celebrating whatever the day or time of year. I hope that all is sunny for you in your corner of the world and am sending huge love. Em x

  2. For the past 17 years Valentine's Day has been trumped by out daughter's birthday on the same day (she's 16 today), so it's not something Maggie and I concern ourselves with. When I was a teenager I hated it - or rather hated the inevitable disappointment. Either I would get no card, which was miserable, or I would get one but have no idea who it was from - and somehow that was worse. "You mean to say that out there is a girl who actually fancies me but I'll never know who???"

    1. I can really relate to your teenage Valentine's day experiences. I would receive an anonymous card and have no clue as to who sent it, or there would be a thundering silence around the letter box on the day itself and I would feel a tad dejected! What a lovely date for your daughter to celebrate her birthday! I hope all is good with you and Maggie, and am sending smiles to you and yours. Em :0)

  3. Sounds like you and Eric and Ernie had a cosy day,

    1. We did. It was fab! I hope you had a great day too. x

  4. A little bit late but... Happy Valentines Day! What a beautiful sentiment! I spent Valentines day with my wonderful best friend who drove 3 hours through pouring rain to come cheers me up, the love was felt in my house that day. I hope you had a good weekend full of love, hugs, Cate, xxx

    1. It sounds like you had a fantastic day! Your friend sounds like a true friend indeed. I hope all is good with you. Sending love and hugs, Em x


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