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More Cat Art

Do you remember the cat pencil drawing I did a few weeks ago?

You can read more about it HERE

I wanted to see if I could turn it into a "character cat" whereby it had all it's defining features but was quirkier.

So I sat down today to try it.

This is how it started out. 

Ears. Eyes. Strange "snowman" type body.

Then I got lost in it and just let it appear on the page.

This is how he ended up.

I love his bright eyes and little pink nose.

I'm going to try and draw Betty in this style and see if I can capture her expression (being black, she may look like a bin bag with eyes, but that's a risk I'm prepared to take). I'll let you see the results as soon as I've drawn her.

How are you?  Have you completed any creative projects lately?  I seem to be seeing cats everywhere at the moment and am loving all the cat inspiration.


  1. I wanna hold him he's so cute. You had a vision and you saw it through. Great job!

  2. He's fantastic - such a cheeky little face! xxx


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