Introducing Mimi And Tilly

Mimi and Tilly were my childhood cats. Before you frantically click away from this blog fearful that you have unwittingly tapped into the pitiful musings of a middle-aged cat woman with wrinkly stockings surrounded by the vague whiff of damp fur, let me reassure you. This blog isn't about my cats. Although I do have two, Eric (a slinky black moggy) and Ernie (a big floppy tabby). This blog is all about being creative.

Mimi and Tilly found life eternally fantastic! They snored in the sun, padded round the garden, batted at flowers, head-bonked people, wrapped themselves around the legs of surprised passers-by, and generally enjoyed finding and creating things that made them happy.

They did not write to-do lists. (1. Must leave fur-ball in middle of carpet. 2. Trip up anyone coming down the stairs. 3. Make a very big mess around food bowl and slide in said mess each time we pass bowl. )

They didn't organize and account for each minute of their day, plan ahead, feel guilty because they hadn't spent enough time with me, or, in fact, partake in any activity that didn't seem to leave them feeling relaxed, excited, happy or ever so slightly nauseous because they'd eaten just a bit too much hot chicken (the hiccups, slight dry-heaving, and bulging tummies were the give-away here).

After many years of working hard, building a career, spending my days organising, rationalising, and following the rules, I have decided to take a leaf out of Mimi and Tilly's book, and re-ignite my passion for life by embracing my creativity. I plan to spend the next year changing my life by following my creative instincts. Instead of dismissing my need to get creative, I'm going to listen to what my heart has been telling me for a long time, and crack on and do it. As old habits die hard though, I have implemented a few rules to help get me started on this project:

Rule One

I must only do what I feel excited about doing. (Obviously I will still need to do the dishes, wash my clothes and drag a comb through my hair, so I don't need to get excited about those things unless I want to...)

Rule Two

I must refrain from writing any more To Do lists.

Rule Three

I must share my creative exploits here for the amusement (or not) of others no matter how successful or unsuccessful they are.

Rule Four

I must do what my creative instincts are telling me to do no matter how scary it might feel.

Rule Five

I must say "Yes" to my creativity.

Wish me luck.

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