Secret Creative Behaviour

Yesterday, my very creative friend, Ange, sent me these images.

And they got me thinking. Initially, where in the name of all that is good and great did he get his needles and wool?  And then, how many men out there are knitting but not telling?  How many women are drum kit goddesses?  Is it still a little bit taboo to cross over creative boundaries?
If so, are people involved in Secret Creative Behaviour?
Are there bike mechanics who like nothing more than to come home, kick back with a beer and crack out the cross stitch?  Or ballerinas who want nothing more than to relax practising their hi-hat skills? 
 Yes, there are.  Brilliant. 


  1. LOL what a great set of photos... we're all in the closet about something, aren't we. I'm pretty girlie, but I secretly watch hockey games just for the fights!! ;)

  2. I love watching hockey game fights. I also loved toy cars when i was little!

  3. That previous comment I made sounds really violent! It's not the fighting so much, as the way they flick their gloves off both together before they get stuck in!


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