Here's To A Great 2010

It's been snowing again.

I put my welly boots on yesterday and ventured out into the snow to take some pictures.  It hasn't snowed this heavily in the UK since 1981.  I needed some pictures to record the event for posterity.

I wanted to share this with you.

The woods near my house.

After walking in the hushed quiet of the woods with only the crunching of my welly boots to be heard, I went back home to take a look around my garden.  

And this is what I found.

A tiny pink rose in the middle of Winter.

Natural Creativity.


P.S.  I have some pictures of things I made as gifts for Christmas that I'd like to post here.  I'll be doing that very soon.  In the meantime, I'm excited about what 2010 will bring and look forward to sharing more of my creative adventures with you here.  Wishing you all good things in 2010.


  1. It is cold here in Japan as well, colder than usual winter, but have not seen a snow yet, will let you know when it falls.
    Happy New Year Emma!!

  2. Thanks Jo! It's great to hear from you. Hope all is good with you. Happy New Year! Wishing you all good things for 2010!

    Hi A Diary of Lovely! How are you? Sending all good things for 2010. I hope it's a fab year for you.

  3. Thanks for popping by for tea!~ Those snow pictures are fabulous and so etherial; it snows frequently here yet it's always lovely!~ Except when something you've been planning for and looking forward to "forever" has to be cancelled!~ Also that exquisite rose picture is brilliant!

    Thanks for the kind and understanding comments!

    Have a "cupcake and tea-licious" day~

    Cheers from Silken Purse@ The Plumed Pen

  4. Emma! I'd love love love to have you on the series! I tried to find your email but was unlucky. Drop me a quick email please and I'll send you the questionnaire. I'm so happy you want to participate, very honored!
    Thank you!!

    helenadelrioz (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. Wow, that's a whole lotta snow!!! It's gorgeous! And I love the picture of the lone pink rose amidst all the snow..just lovely!

  6. Emma, you reinforce the knowledge that beauty comes from within. Because what you witness as beauty, we can see it too. Loving your work!

  7. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I'm still at the 'struggling to believe people find what I write interesting' blogging stage at the moment. I love your blog, it's so inspiring. I'm looking forward to blogging and sharing my journey with everyone. Thank you for following. Hope you have a glittery 2010

  8. Those pictures of the snow are magical! You definitely have an eye for capturing pretty things!

    ♥ Em


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