Snow Everywhere

I live in the UK.  In a big valley in the North West.  This means the mountains to the North and South get the snow and we get the shelter.  And lots of rain. 

If it snows, it falls lightly, and melts as soon as it hits the ground.  Occasionally in February we get a flurry that sticks for a day or two.

But tonight something magical happened.

Our Christmas tree

My Significant Other and I have spent the evening with his two beautiful daughters.  Every Christmas we get together and have a special Christmas.  We eat too much party food, exchange presents, and watch a Christmas film.  I totally love it.  This year (and last year, because we love it so much) we watched "It's a Wonderful Life". 

Tonight, just as James Stewart was standing under the Christmas tree at the end of the film and the Christmas ornament jingled as Clarence Oddbody AS2 gots his wings, it started to snow.  Not in the film, but outside the window.  We had the curtains open and we could see the huge flakes as they floated in sheets.  It was beautiful.  And very special.

I love red hearts

In order to make the journey home, the car needed to be pushed up the hill by four kind men, who just happened to be passing, as my Significant Other steered.

The car slipped and slid, bumped and rolled its way home.  I thought it was due to the snow and ice on the road.

Harrison loves Christmas

It was only when the car was parked up that I saw it had a totally flat rear tyre.

So two Christmas miracles happened in my neck of the woods today. 

It snowed tonight.  

And the car made it home safely through a snow storm with a totally flat rear tyre.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. 

I'll be back in a couple of days with pictures of the presents I have made for everyone.  It's causing me great difficulty not to be able to splash them all over a post right now, but I don't want to ruin anyone's surprise in case some of my family and friends are misguided enough to read this blog...


  1. I'm glad to read you had a magical Christmas! Thank you for sharing your two Christmas miracles! So wonderful! Wishing you a new year filled with happiness!

  2. That was a truly magical, enchanting, and wonderfully heartwarming experience my dear, with the miracle of making it home with a flat tire for good measure; thank you for sharing!

    How well I remember how my dearly departed dad and I used to merrily "lock arms" and sing "Good King Wencelas" gustily outloud during the first snowfall of the season; (he is in heaven now, due to an acccidental blow to the head three years ago)!~ So I guess that's perhaps why I felt a wee bit nostalgic and teary eyed when I read your precious magical family time that you enjoyed over the Christmas holidays!..,

    On a much lighter and cheery note, you are most warmly welcome to visit" my little corner of the blogging world" my dear, ( with the click of your "mouse"), where I have recently payed a brief, yet heartfelt tribute to my dad in my rather lengthy, 2010 New Years post;(the blog post before last)..,

    ~ I do hope you will also join myself, as well as others, for a spot of "Rosey Lee" for my little, Tuesday Tea For Two, and also for tomorrow's , Wednesday Tea For Me And Thee, weekly blog parties!

    Cheers from Silken Purse @ The plumed Pen

  3. Thanks C, wishing you a magical 2010 too.

    Thanks Silken Purse, Christmas seems to be a time when I remember happy times with family members who are no longer here too. It kind of does that to you when it starts snowing, and carols are playing doesn't it? I hope you had a lovely holiday season and am sending you warm wishes for a magical 2010.


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