A Few Things About Me.

I've been writing this blog for six months now.  And it's time to tell you a bit about myself.  That isn't specifically linked with being creative.

So here are 25 things that say something about who I am.

1.  I love my Significant Other. He makes me laugh 'til I think I'm going to pop a rib.  He sees who I really am.  And helps me feel gorgeous, even when I'm festering in my dressing gown, and animals are bedding down for the night in my hair. 

2.  I think sausage sandwiches are sent from heaven.

3.  I love vintage clothes and jewellery because every piece has a story to tell about the person who wore it first.  I like to daydream about who they were and what they did.

I bought this postcard when I was a student.
Isn't she beautiful?

4.  My favourite season is Spring.

5.  I don't mind taking the plunge even when I'm scared stiff. Sometimes I need to do what I'm most afraid of to have peace of mind.

6.  I love 1950's sequins, beads and silks. A girl can never have too much glamour.

7.  I know that God gives me everything I need, even when I think it's not what I want.

8.  I love high-heeled red shoes, and have to try them on each time I see a pair, even though I can't walk in them.


The red shoes I love but never wear
because I can't walk in them!

9.  I think roses and peonies are completely beautiful.

10.  I have a big ole crush on Johnny Depp.

11.  I have a secret crush on Niles Crane from "Frasier".

12.  I think Tokyo is the most fantastic city in the world. I lived there for five years and totally loved it.

13.  My favourite smell is my cats' fur. It smells like warm biscuits.


Eric and Ernie chillin' on their cushion.

14.  I have always wanted to be able to play the piano.

15.  I started learning ballet when I was four. I stopped dancing when I was 28. When I was standing on pointes I felt weightless.

Picture courtesy of www.harrymmiller.com

16.  I used to dream in Japanese when I was living in Japan and couldn't remember how to say any of it once I woke up.

17.  I'm most proud of the fact that I travelled the world alone, but know now that home is the best place to be.

18.  When my Significant Other, hugs me, I know how it feels to be loved.

19.  I always put insects that come into my house out into the garden, as I wouldn't like someone squashing me with a tissue.

20.  I'm really quick to laugh but find crying harder to do.


21.  I don't know what I would do without books.

22.  I write all the time but find it hard to show people what I've written. (That's changing since starting to write my blog...) 

23.  I talk to my car when I'm driving.

24.  I think babies with moptops are gorgeous. They make me smile.

25.  Although I occasionally go through the odd broody mood, I never really wanted children. I like my own company too much.


  1. Another fabulous post Emma. Shoes, dancing, Japan, books, travel and a passion for a bygone era, all the things I love too - if I was a bloke I'd ask you out on a date! :))))

    Seriously, I love reading your posts, I know I'm always going to be 'blown away.'

  2. Red shoes and Johnny Depp both make me sigh (sigh)
    The vintage bride is gorgeous and so is the red haired baby. Such imagery!

    What a lovely post and what a lovely way to start my Monday.

  3. Niles Crane, how excellent! Hey, he's hot ;) Books, travel, setting insects outside -- we have so much more in common than I knew, LOL... thanks for sharing some of your inner self with your readers -- I should do the same thing sometime...

  4. Love from the significant other, and Spring as the favourite season - nothing else do we match on, but I love your writing :)

  5. This is just a lovely post. I am SO sorry I've not posted my award yet. I'm so far behind in my blog duties!

    I wish we could hang out and have a chocolate martini. My husband is out the store now buying all the fixin's. Complete with cherries on top too.

    You are such a delight, I swear.

  6. Lovely post and lovely red shoes. There is something about the colour red and footwear don't you think. I am sadly too heavy for heels, ballet pumps are more my scene mores the pity. dev x

  7. I want those red shoes!!!!!
    Those are the most amazing thing I've seen in a long time.

    swoon ;)


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