It's Good To Be Back

After a couple of emotionally demanding weeks, I'm beginning to feel the creative flow start up again.  I've missed my old friend! 

I hadn't realised before now, but over the past six months being creative has become such a big part of my life.  In fact, being creative has become the place in my heart where I connect with something fun, unexpected, unpredictable and, free-flowing.  It's also the place where I connect with like-minded souls here at my blog.  In all honesty, I've missed you. 

A couple of weeks ago, when life asked me to put my attention elsewhere, I did as I was asked and dealt with things that needed dealing with.  It's so hard on a family when someone you love is taken ill so seriously and so dramatically.  It's hard to watch the people you care about so much, suffering and worrying and trying to work out how to deal with something so difficult.  Understandably, I didn't much feel like knitting, making jewellery or sewing.

But then my mum (she's a wonderful woman) gave me a Kath Kidston book called "Sew!".  And I lost myself in dreams of making things again.

So today, I am having a day of getting back to being creative.  I'm reorganising my creative room.  Having a clear out.  Bringing in fresh things.  And when I've done that, I'm getting out the needles, the swatches and the Kath Kidston book, and I'm going to start getting creative again.


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