I Won

Having not won a thing since walking away from the school raffle with a smile on my face and a Caramac easter egg under my arm when I was 8, I was made up to find out that I had won Pixiedust's giveaway at her blog, Faerie Nuff.

Faerie Nuff is a gorgeous blog about Pixiedust's creative adventures.  Pixiedust and Faerie Nuff.  I'm already somewhere over the rainbow just hearing the names...  Lovely.  Please visit Faerie Nuff.  It's a gorgeous place to spend some time.

So, it happened like this...

Catching up on my blog reading a couple of weeks ago I noticed that Faerie Nuff was hosting a giveaway and left a commment asking to be included.  I thought nothing more of it, until I received a message from Pixiedust at Faerie Nuff telling me I'd won.

I know.

And here is the proof.

Picture courtesy of Pixiedust at Faerie Nuff

Picture courtesy of Pixiedust at Faerie Nuff

Picture courtesy of Pixiedust at Faerie Nuff
Yay!  That's me!
And how cute is that table cloth?

And here is what arrived in the post on Saturday morning while I was all cosied up with tea, toast and a purring cat.  (Aren't they the best mornings?)

A parcel full of pretty things.

Thank you Pixiedust.

All individually wrapped with a lovely card.

Aren't they all lovely?

I have found each thing a great place in my home.

It was a special treat to have a parcel full of gorgeous surprises arrive through the post. 

And then Eric came to check things out.

And have a think.

Thank you Pixiedust.


  1. Free stuff is so much fun! That little gingerbread man is adorable! Congrats to you! :)

  2. Your welcome. Glad you liked the goodies. xx Pixie xx


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