Woolly Love

On my birthday last year, my lovely friend, Ange, gave me a bag full of vintage goodies that included a beautiful bundle of vintage pink wool all tied with a ribbon.

So for Christmas I decided I  wanted to spread some woolly love by knitting her up a cheeky little something.

Here is the little something I made for her.

A Spring-time neckwarmer.

Spring has arrived and I think this little neck warmer would be perfect with a pink dress, just to keep the Spring chill off.

The wool is very fine and delicate.  I knitted it on larger needles so that it would have a cobwebby feel to it.

It's deliciously warm and light to wear.  (I had a cheeky try-on).  And I have enough wool left over to make one for myself.

Ange was really happy with it.  And that made me happy.


  1. That's beautiful! The wool looks yummy and soft too. Lovely. xx

  2. That wool looks totally scrumptious. How nice there was enough for you AND a friend.
    I love the look and feel of skeins of yarn. Sometimes it hard to bring myself to use it.

  3. I love that!
    Beautiful color and so feminine.

  4. This is lovely!
    You might just like my latest knitty blog post...



  5. So sweet and feminine. That wool is just lovely!

  6. The wool is so soft Lynda. It's gorgeously light too. (Thanks Ange!) :)

    Thanks Zlatica! :)

    Becky, I feel the same way. I love going to wool shops to feel all the wool, and have different balls of wool that I love and haven't used. :)

    Thanks Psychedelicsister, I'm glad you like it. I was thinking of some of your photos when I posted pictures of the scarf, as I love the pink collections you have photographed. :)

    Thanks for pointing me in the direction of your blog Poppyloves, I did like that post and am now following! :)

    Thanks Megan, I'm looking forward to seeing your finished bridesmaid dress! :)

    I'm very glad you like it Catherine! :)


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