There's someone I'd like you to meet.

This is Dilys.

Lovingly hand-sewn by me.

She is the first rag-doll I have ever made.  And she is the first thing I have made working from a pattern.

I am so proud of her.

She started life as a wee pile of scrap material, and over the course of three weeks she started to take shape.

I made lots of mistakes along the way.  And did a lot of lip chewing as I tried to work out how to follow the pattern.

As soon as I had made her head and body, I had to give her a face and some hair, as she was creeping me out!

It seemed only right that she had sticky-up plaits.  What girl in her right mind wouldn't want sticky-up plaits?

She is working it with a little linen scarf under her wool felt jacket.  With embroidered collar.  Tied kimono style with a vintage ribbon.

Her skirt is made from a piece of linen, and has a little elasticated waist.  Her pinny comes with a cheeky patch.  She completes her sassy country chic look with cream cotton bloomers, edged with vintage lace from my nana's sewing tin.

Pink ballet slippers, with contrasting ties, finish the ensemble from the Mimi and Tilly Spring/Summer 2010 Made With Bits and Bobs collection.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always wanted to be able to make a rag doll. 
I used the pattern and instructions from Tone Finnanger's Tilda book, "Sew Pretty Homestyle".  Making some changes to the hair and outfit.

Dilys is a house angel.  She sits in my lounge.

Even though she has a big ole biro line down the seam of her face (I drew around the first pattern piece with biro, and when I stuffed her, it popped through.  Lesson learned.)  I think she is lovely.

Dilys was a real challenge for me to make.  I stabbed myself with the needle.  I got confused and frustrated with the instructions and pattern.  I made mistakes, and had to make a second jacket, a second skirt and a second pair of shoes. 

But I got there in the end.

Dilys makes me smile.


P.S. Dilys means "genuine" in Welsh.


  1. Oh, Em! Dylis is beautiful. Really, really lovely. I can see understand why she makes you smile. Brilliant! Lynda xx

  2. Clever you! She's quite lovely! I'm very impressed. Especially at the 2nd jacket, 2nd shoes and 2nd skirt. I think I may have given up at that point!!!!

    Can't wait to meet her!!!!

    L xxx

  3. Emma, you should be pround of yourself. You are a multi-talented lady! I love her very much. She is perfectly sweet. And those embroidery flowers and wings are gorgeous!

  4. Dilys is beautiful! well worth the effort. She really needs a sister though heehee.

  5. She is SO pretty!!!!! Wow, you sure have talent, don't you??? I know I say that every time I see a post of some craft you've come up with but you really do have a talent for creating beautiful things!

    Have you considered selling dolls on Etsy? I could easily see you making a mountain of money on them!

  6. She is beautiful , its no wonder she makes you smile x

  7. Oh gosh, she is so adorable!
    I also love the bedding you have.

  8. Hello, your rag-doll Dilys is so lovely !
    Sure, you can be proud of her.
    Your cats are cute, I also love cats.
    Have a nice evening,

  9. Hey Emma, I came over to say thank you for your chicken comments but then got completely side tracked looking at your lovely Dilys! She is so amazingly gorgeous. Well done you. It must feel so great to have made her all by yourself, no wonder she makes you smile. Inspired by your blog I'm looking for creative outlets and in my wonderings found this stuff http://www.silverclay.co.uk/howi.htm , it looks brilliant! You may have heard about it already and so may be completely underwhelmed but as soon as I have a few pennys I'm going to send off for the starter kit and try and follow in your creative foot steps. Thank you for being an inspiration Emma :) Off to try my 2nd attempt from my bread maker (does that count as creative?) Lizzyloolaa xxx

  10. I adore rag dolls. Dilys is exceptionally pretty. The last picture is quirky!

  11. Thanks Lynda! xxx

    You'll be able to meet her next time we get together! I'm looking forward to catching up, Liza. xxx

    Thanks Zlatica, I was inspired by your doll-making. xxx

    Deborah, I think you're right, she does need a sister. I'm thinking a brunette dressed in red and pink. I'll post pics as soon as she's finished! xxx

    Thanks Helene, that's a lovely thing to say! I have thought about Etsy, and will be opening up an online store at some point in the future, just not right now. xxx

    Thanks Saraeden. xxx

    Psychedelicsister, my bedding is by Cath Kidston for Ikea. Rosali design. xxx

    Thanks Sylvia. xxx

    Hi Sparklybubble! I LOVE silver clay. It is the closest thing to alchemy I think man/woman has invented, and is so easy to work with. The ring I made for men (in an earlier post) is made with silver clay. Wow, I'm very flattered to hear that I have been a creative inspiration to you, that's something special. And bread making is totally creative. And yummy. How are the chicks doing? Thanks for the link to the silver clay site. It's full of fab information. Sending a big ole hug. xxxx

  12. Thanks Somewhere circus. xxx

    I'm glad you like her, The Nostalgia Fairy. xxx


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