Secret Gardens

I bloomin' love flowers.

And last week the village nearby had its "Secret Gardens" festival.  And people who also bloomin' love flowers, opened their gardens for complete strangers to tramp through.

It was marvelous.

So my Significant Other and I went.  And I took my camera. 

It felt a little bit invasive and rude to be wandering around someone else's garden, photographing their flowers.  These gardens were intimate.  Part of someone's home.  A testament to hard work and retirement.  It felt a bit like wandering around a complete stranger's house photographing their wallpaper.  Only, well, we were outside in their garden.  But the owners were smiling and welcoming.  They had little badges on saying "I'm the owner".  And I wasn't escorted off the premises after getting up close and personal with their tulips, so I figured it was all ok.

There were people looking through windows into the garden owners' homes.  Sneaking a peak at their kitchens.  Their choice of furniture.  It was very inappropriate.  And, when I say "people", I mean me. 

So, I whipped out my camera, and after asking if it was ok to invade the owners privacy further by taking pictures, I let myself loose on the flora at large.

A huge thank you to the garden owners for their generosity.  I very much appreciated taking a look at their beautiful blooms.


  1. Emma, you took gorgeous pictures! I love them so much!
    I haven´t heard about such an event where you invite strangers to the garden. It had to be an interesting experience. I understand you temptation to peak even more. :)

  2. Hello Emma,
    that 'Secret Gardens' festival seems very interesting !
    You've taken gorgeous pictures !
    Nice week,

  3. Sounds like my kind of festival! Bloomin' lovely pics! And Dilys is delightful! :)

  4. The flowers are all so beautiful and your photography really captures all the bright colors!!

    I laughed when you mentioned people were looking in the homes b/c I was thinking that was something I would've done...then you wrote that it was YOU looking in the windows! Great minds think alike!

  5. I hope you're OK Em? You've not been around for a while. Lynda xxx

  6. Zlatica, it was really interesting, and I had a great time. x

    Hi English Writer, I thought the colours were beautiful too. x

    Thanks Sylvia :) xx

    It was bloomin' marvelous, C, and I'm glad you like Dilys. x

    The flowers were gorgeous Nostalgia Fairy. xx

    Helene, I can't help it. If I know I shouldn't look I've got my nose pressed against the window... x

    Hi Lynda, thank you for yout lovely message. xx

  7. Those flowers are stunning. What I wouldn't give for a garden full of beautiful flowers and vegetables.


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