Shiny Happy Music

I've been listening to more music.  

But this music hasn't been making me want to howl till my eyeballs hurt.  Instead, it's been making me grin till my cheeks ache.

If you don't believe me, just listen to this...

Were you grooving in your computer chair as much as me?

How about this...  

What pieces of music make you want to get jiggy and grin?


  1. I have a fit ball instead of a computer chair- jigging about I just fell off :((
    Couldn't stop laughing then :))

  2. strangely i'm not sure what music makes me jiggy and grin, i may have to think about that...

    but i just wanted to let you know i've been reading back over your blog, and i'm enjoying it, it's really making me think about the creativity in my life!

    oh and while you're in the music mood, may i make a suggestion, my favourite new albumn is queen of denmark by john grant, odd, sad, beautiful and at times funny - favourite track is outer space, listen to it, you'll love it!

    take care and stay glittery!

    cate, x

  3. I have Stevie Wonder "As" playing in my earphones as I type and jiggle :) Love the words in this tune too...always makes me want to sing till I'm hoarse...shame I'm not the greatest singer!!

  4. I hope you're ok Ted and Bunny, and didn't do yourself a mischief! having a fit ball in stead of a chair is genius!!! x

    I'm really glad you're enjoying my blog, Cate. I'm going to look up John Grant on Spotify now! Thanks for recommending him.x

    I'm a rubbish singer, Jenny. I sound like someone is harming cats when I break loose. I wish I could sing, cos I'd belt them out whenever I felt glum! x

  5. The second- that girl is very soulful for a white chick AND I totally need that glitter body suit. Yes, I do.

    Love coming over to yah blog. x

  6. I hadn't ever heard that song or of that woman. Does she sing anything really popular that I might recognize? Love her hair LOL


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