Favourite Thing On A Friday - Kids Getting Their Groove On - Little Bliss List # 6

This little guy made my heart sing this week.

Little Bliss List # 6

  • The amazing feedback I have recieved for my art journal pages.  Thank you.
  • Seeing all the spring flowers blooming in the garden.
  • Sitting in the conservatory enjoying the sunshine.
  • Getting visits from friends.
  • Hugging my mum.
  • Hugging Steve.
  • Hugging friends.
  • Hugging in general.
  • Eating a belgian bun that seemed to be bigger than my head.
  • Knowing I am loved.
I hope you're having a gorgeous Friday.  I'm linking up with Live Lane again today.  Link up with...


... in the section below.  I'm really looking forward to seeing what Spring has brought you this week by way of favourite things!


  1. You've been a little quieter of late my lovely, I hope all is well! A belgian bun bigger than your own head - are there pictures of this amazing feat?!

    Jem xXx

  2. Hugs!! Ahh how great! It was hug week over here too :)
    Have a wonderful weekend xxx

  3. Oh thank you for that clip - what a mover! It made my day! Have a lovely weekend - another Belgian Bun perhaps?

  4. That made me smile....thanks!
    Have a very happy weekend. :0)

  5. Hi Em! I love your list - life is too short to not hug!

    Have a wonderful weekend and sorry I haven't visited for a while, Stephie x

  6. Now that boy is genious, love it. lolo xx

  7. squealing glad over that little guy getting his groove on!
    and sending yet another bright hug
    your way
    just because you're you
    and it's such a beautiful thing:)

  8. mmmmm belgian bun.
    Sounds like a good week.

  9. This boy is very funny and clever!


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