Embracing The Pink

When I was in my twenties, I dabbled with drawing and painting. It did not go well. There was a lot of black. And the odd figure on their knees shouting to the heavens things like "Why?"

I found those journals last summer and had a flick through.  Upon careful inspection, I decided it was time for them to go to the Big Journal In The Sky.  And what better way to do it than to have a ceremonial purging in my barbecue?  I kid you not.

It was brilliant.  I merrily sent pages of journal entries out into the world via a cloud of smoke.  Then I got a tad over excited.  This time last year, I was in the middle of my weight loss journey and had lost about 28lbs.  I decided it was time to burn my "big pants".  You know the ones you buy because they're comfy?  And you can tuck your vest into them because they go right up to your arm pits? Don't look at me like that.  It was a cold winter.

As it happens it was a learning experience.  I learnt that Marks and Spencer cotton pants take a lot of lighter fuel before they'll at least start to smoulder.  And no matter how much flammable liquid you fling on them, you'll still be left with a barbecue full of gussets. (You'll be pleased to know I now have a vast selection of iddy biddy pants with frilly bits on them that only need one peg to be hung on the line.)

Anyhoo, the reason I'm sharing this is because I sat down this week to "draw what was on the inside" and, expecting the possibility of at least a little black, I was stunned by what came out of the end of my pens onto the paper.  It isn't exactly a picture of me but it's a picture that reflects what I feel about me.

Here it is...


Just so you know...  I don't look like this, I've just always wanted big, bodacious hair that didn't crackle with static at the mere mention of bri-nylon.

Anyhoo, it's so good to know, we're out of the black and into the pink.

I hope you're having a great week.

P.S. DISCLAIMER:  I am not advocating setting fire to things in your barbecue, unless it's your standard sausage or burger.  I am also not advocating the use of lighter fuel. Always use extreme caution around naked flames/barbecues.  I am simply recounting a tale of what may or may not have taken place in my garden under adult supervision. Thank you.


  1. heehee, BBQ'd big pants sounds like a Bridget Jones moment! Did a handsome neighbour appear to rescue you from the smoke and discover you covered in soot, rooting around in the ashes with tongs?


  2. were they barbecue big pants? Linda Mcartney may well have done better to sell a range of vegetarian big pants rather than those hideous vegetarian burgers!

    Lovely to see the inside you is pink and joyous, must've taken such a huge amount of work to get to that colour, so hopeyou really enjoy it now.

    Your posts are so uplifting (even when you think they aren't)really look forward to reading them

  3. Embracing pink and burning big undies are worlds very far from my own... :)

  4. Pink is the supreme pick-me-up! It's my favourite colour!

  5. Thanks for joining my People Tree giveaway. Good Luck.

  6. I'm celebrating losing two and half stone,so maybe I should have a big pants burning session!
    Hope you are having a good week :0)

  7. I love this! The colors are amazing and I love the idea that they are the colors of the true you.

  8. Wow you have some serious talent girl. This portrait is amazing and anyone who sees themselves that way is pretty fantastical!! Love the hair!!! You look so cute with your pink hair, in that and blogging we are sisters :)

  9. Love your art work! And you made me laugh! I'm tempted to have a burning of knickers ceremony in my garden too, but it would be ones that are too small rather than too big. My arse has expanded considerably over the last few years.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. X


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