My First Ever Portrait!

When I was at school, I was forever being admonished by my lovely art teacher to "draw what you see, not what you think you see!".  I never understsood what the David Dickenson she was talking about until yesterday, when I sat down to face a fear (isn't it mad what you become afraid of?); drawing and painting a portrait.

When I was at school I'd try and draw and paint something and usually managed to accidentally invent a new school of art.  There was my Face In A Spoon era, where every person I tried to draw looked back at me from the paper as if they were melting and reflected in a dinner spoon.  My Trianglist era, where figures were basically triangular with mishapen limbs.  And then my Maybe I'm Really S**t at this era, which has been the most prolonged so far.

So, yesterday, I took myself in hand.  I had a little chat with myself that went something like this....

"Emma.  Maybe you found this difficult 25 years ago.  25 YEARS AGO.  Perhaps now you could actually have another go. You noodle."

So I dug out a photo and had a little draw/paint.

I know it's a little off perspective-wise.  There's still a hint of dinner spoon about it.  But it looks like a human being!  A human being, people!

I'm a little bit pleased.



  1. It's great! Not spoony at all. That's how I like to imagine my hair looks on a good casual day.

  2. Emma you are one very clever lady its brilliant. Be very proud ;-)) dee x

  3. Emma you are one very clever lady its brilliant. Be very proud ;-)) dee x

  4. Not a spoon in sight! I love it! Portraits are more interesting when they are an interpretation and not just a photo-a-like, I think. Love the colours. Do more please! xxxx

  5. Emma, I think she looks quite amazing! I cannot draw or paint people...or at least I have always thought I couldn't. Maybe I will be brave and give it another try :)

  6. She's got an art deco feel. Very elegant. I'm like that with knitting, I found it so hard as a child. You are right just because you can't do something 25 years ago is no excuse for not having a bash at it!

  7. Your artwork is absolutely beautiful. So glad you had that talk with yourself. :)

  8. You should be quite pleased! I think it is just lovely!

  9. Please take your own advise "Be gentle with yourself". She is beautiful! (I wish my hair was that color.)

  10. Are you kidding me... it's GORGEOUS!!! You're so clever. Sarah xxx

  11. laughing at your process
    (i so see myself there)
    and cheering wildly for you
    as you pull off this most
    pure awesomeness, Emma!
    the way you use color
    stirs my soul singing, it does:)
    beautiful share,


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