Twinkly Matilda

The weather's started to turn, and my thoughts have drifted towards cardies and ponchos (I'm not keen on  heavy coats but rock a good woolly poncho). I was pondering recently what to wear now that things seem to have got a bit chilly. I love wearing colour, but tend to spend the winter months in various ensembles consisiting of a variety of  itchy woolly garments, supplemented with black woolly garments.  And that's just my undercrackers. A pox on this damp, cold British weather. 

This Autumn, if Twinkly Matilda has anything to do with it, I'll be a vision in pink platform wellies.

Go Matilda!


 For more Twinkly Matilda inspiration go to her very own page by clicking on the Twinkly Matilda button in the sidebar, or by going HERE.

Twinkly Matilda©Emma Saunders 2012.  All rights reserved.

I hope you have a lovely warm weekend filled with flowers and fun wherever you are.


  1. I have to say I love the name Twinkly Matilda! It's great :)

  2. undercrackers:)
    now you've got me giggling.
    i look forward to the cooler
    temps....send some of that
    crispy weather this way!
    i love the idea of a wild and
    wooly poncho:)
    love to colorful you!

  3. LOVE her!! Love the pink platform wellies!

  4. I've been wearing my thermals since July...

  5. Am I the only one who likes the Autumn weather? I admit it's not so good if it's raining but I do have a good collection of boots, coats and bright umbrellas!

  6. Autumn (or winter up here) is definitely upon us. I went to the local charity shops yesterday and found a few fleeces and cosy jumpers for the usual brill bargain prices! I now need to find some thermals for under the work clothes-I think I'll buy these brand new though... Love Twinkly Matilda and I like the use of alliteration too in your drawing :-) Happy Sunday x

  7. Matilda is such an intelligent girl, it's raining today and her outfit fits perfectly! I can't wait to see where she will go next. :)

  8. I know what you mean. When the weather turns & the sky turns gray - you just want to wear something colorful to brighten up your day.


    p.s. love Wellies!

  9. Blue faced Leceister or merino wool doesn't itch for most people, it's a shame wool has that itchy reputation. At least these days there are lots of inde dyers dyeing wool in bright colours!

  10. If I had wellies like that, I think I would be smiling in the rain too! That's the first time I've heard of wellies - what a great word.


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