Happy Holidays!

It's December, so I finally feel comfortable showing you these two pages from my art journal. Everything I have by way of art materials has been thrown at them!  Sometimes "less is more" is a crock.

Watercolour paints
Watercolour art pens
Acrylic paints
Sharpie markers
Gel pens
Glitter pens

If I'd had access to a tub of fairy dust that would have been liberally sprinkled on there too.  I didn't.

Bobble hats, snowmen, bunting, and little fat robins are some of my favourite things...



Little fat birds, all plumped up feathers and tiny feet, make me smile...


And shiny red holly berries, and the blue tinge of snow, ironically, warm my heart...


I've seen in the tv listings that "Elf" with Will Ferrell is on tomorrow evening.  Men in tights who love decorating for Christmas.  What's not to love?

 I have my candy canes at the ready.
What do you love about Winter and Christmas?
I'm linking up with the fantabulous Lakota at FHC for her Ta-Dah Tuesday!


  1. Oh my gosh! This is so stinking cute! Absolutely adore it!

    Glad you have finally found a header that encompasses all that you are too. It's lovely!

  2. I signed up for a holiday card exchange through one of my favorite blogs and I received my first card! They are predicting heavy snow here later today. I have chicken for roasting and plenty of art supplies.

  3. Emma-I ADORE these two pieces of art.
    It has become a tradition in our house to watch Elf once the decorations are all up the weekend after Thanksgiving. Love that movie.

  4. So cute! :) We just put up our tree today. It may be small in stature but it makes up for it with an excess of sparkle!

  5. aaahhh WOW i love it, its so sweet that chubby robin i adore. You should print these and sell them i would buy some there super ;-) I love everything about christmas i love the baking, the putting up of the decorations, buying and making presents, spending time with family and friends, seeing my boys faces when they open their stockings. I love cooking the dinner and laying the table and seeing the contented faces that look back at me. the list go on... dee :-)) xx

  6. Oh I love robins and yours are so sweet! I am lucky enough to have hand fed a robin, and with a piece of Christmas pudding no less.

  7. oh emma you're a woman after my
    own heart:):):)
    i love your whimsical creations
    and all those yummy ingredients
    just give it layers and layers
    of deliciousness!
    well done, you.
    i love all the love going on
    this time of year....all the giving
    and thanking and appreciation-showing.
    and singing...singing is my favorite:)

  8. These are fab - please tell me you've printed them out and are sending them as Christmas cards? (or that you've sold the design to a card company?)

    Have a lovely Christmas - thanks for linking up.

  9. Oh how utterly cute your artistic creations are- so fluffy and cuddly-looking! Thought I'd visit from Lakota's as a fellow Tahdaher!!!

  10. Gorgeous art work, you are so talented!
    Wishing you a very Happy Christmas Emma
    Gill xx

  11. Brilliant work Emma!


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