Look Into My Eyes...

My two cats, Eric and Ernie, are very loving.

When it comes to food there isn't anything they won't do to prostitute themselves.

Stand in front of the food cupboard making a racket.
Stare me out with silent but accusatory eyes.
Sit on my head.

I have always believed cats to be mostly benevolent animals... unless you're a mouse, vole or wing-ed creature, obviously.  Recently, though, I've begun to get a sense that they may be planning my demise.

There have been rumblings in the past, from the vet, that Eric and Ernie might be a tad on the rotund side of things.  On their last visit to the vet, it was loudly and vehemently declared that Eric and Ernie are, in fact, fat.

Since then, I have noticed a change in their behaviour.  As I've been cutting down on the amount of food finding it's way into their bowl, they have taken a much more proactive approach to securing adequate rations...


It's a tad unsettling.

Do you ever feel, given half a chance, your cats could cause you some damage?


  1. I love your new blog header/design. It's wonderful to see how you incorporated all aspects of who you are and what you blog about. Lovely.

    Sorry I can't help you with the cat situation. No experience there. :)

  2. Hahhaa, CATS!!! Little buggers. Mine have taken to roaming around the bedroom, meowing and avoiding flying pillows, as galloping over our ehads got them hiffed (thrown) off the bed...then this morning they tried the scratching soemthing they shouldn't.And always 5 minutes before the alarm!!! My girl, Peepee, has very evil intentions, I wouldn't put it past her to do something very,very dastardly!

  3. Felines are only a whisker away from being psychopathic, I reckon. They get away with it because of their beauty, supreme manipulation skills, and their fur that smells like biscuits! One of mine frequently does do me harm, he's very bitey - but so cute! See? Gets away with it, the monster!
    Poor Eric and Ernie, dieting isn't much fun... xxxxx

  4. I love your new blog header/design, it captures the essence of your blog.

    Your cats are adorable;):)

  5. Hmm, you're in for a time of it, I'd say! Too bad there's no such thing as pretend food that'd fool them.xx.

  6. ha ha bless you i have been having problems with my cat Timmy for the past few months to. He kept rushing his meals down and never being full always wanting more and then a few hours being sick and his whole food hadn't been digested he was getting right on my nerves and i was losing patience with him He started doing crazy things around the house and if he could have tied my hands and tripped me down the stairs i think he would have done. I took him to the vets and she said he was very healthy but was just being greedy and so she wormed him again and hey presto he stopped being sick and eating so much. Well she told me he didn't need 4 sachets of food a day only 2 so i have been giving him 4 little meals a day and to say he isn't happy is an understatement he even pinched roast pototoes off the work top the other night. Buy hey ho, he will get used to it ;-) dee x

  7. twinkly december love
    to you and those silly kitties
    and your beautiful blog,
    all so merry and bright:)


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