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My First Nude!

It was only a matter of time, when I started drawing and painting a few months ago, before I came up against my nemesis; drawing and painting from still life, particularly the human figure, and, very particularly, a nude.

As you may recall, my art teacher at school was frequently heard to utter the words "Emma, draw what you see, not what you think you see!" and I was perpetually confused as to what she meant.  I understood there was some kind of processing problem going on as what I drew on the page didn't look anything like what I was seeing before me, but I couldn't figure out what the David Dickenson I was doing wrong.

For the past few months I have gainfully avoided drawing figures wherever possible, and when I have taken the plunge, I've elongated them and played with them, to make them look cartoonish.

My butterfly boy was my first attempt to get bodily proportions right, and when he didn't look like something Picasso had painted during his cubist era, I was pleased.

Today I decided to face down the dragon and draw a nude.  From a photo, you understand.  It's been below freezing here in the UK and to ask a friend to strip down to the billy-buff for my art just seemed cruel. Although a good friend did volunteer...  Maybe next time.

I was focused on her back and buttocks to see if I could get the light and shade right without too much detail, so I'm aware her hair looks like a woolly hat my nan used to wear in the 70's and her toes are a bit weird, but overall I think she's not too shabby.

I'm still working on my adult male butterfly dude.  This nude was my attempt to start getting body proportions right before cracking on with him.  I'll post him as soon as he's done.

How is your weekend going?  It's been snowing here.  Eric and Ernie are disgusted with the weather, although watching Ernie slip on a patch of ice as he trotted down the garden path trying to look dignified did make me smile.

I hope you're warm and snuggly wherever you are.


  1. Hey emma, that's fab. well done for confronting your fears and giving it a go. it was clearly well worth it.

  2. The weather is cold here too - my windows are rattling. Your painting is beautiful. Your courage to try new things inspires me.

  3. Emma, this is lovely. Very soft and I think you have captured the light too. Keep going!

  4. Your nude is gorgeous Emma! Brave girl. Don't know if I'd have the guts to do a nude just yet.

    Yes, it's cold isn't?! Don't think it warranted the panic buying of groceries people were doing (my local sainsbug's was cleaned out!), but hey ho...

  5. echoing Patti above, but then courage is something you've DEFINITELY got, and you inspire us all!

  6. I love the painting, Emma, the back and bottom look particularly lovely. Do more, do more! xxx

  7. Looks lovely Emma-well done you for being so brave. Nudes are always ricky but you've captured the light and shadow really well. Keep it up! x

  8. Great job! Where you "think you see" a wooly hat--I see hair!! LOL
    We are in the 40's here today. It's been a nice weekend.

  9. It looks beautiful Emma!!

    Have a lovely new week,

    Madelief x

  10. look at you spreading your wings
    and flying!
    she is lovely
    and your skill is growing
    and i love your spirit
    about it all:)


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