Here's One I Made Earlier.

Having suffered from the creative equivalent of Writer's Block, I gave myself a good talking to, had a few cups of tea in preparation, and sat down yesterday and got it together.

Over the past few weeks I've been quietly making various studies of seed pods (have a read of Creative Irony for the full story), I found I liked the fragility and curved movement of the seed pods on a hydrangea seed head I'd been given.

I made a range of different drawings and sketches of the rounded shapes.  And sketched out a ring design.

From these initial seed pod designs, I sat down yesterday and started playing with some copper wire I had shaped into square wire and then annealed (heated, in order to make more malleable).

This seed pod inspired ring appeared.

This is the model for the final ring which I'll make in silver, with freshwater seed pearls.  

I always make a model in copper.  If I make a mistake it's much cheaper to start all over again.  If I make a mistake using silver, I'm likely to have a wee cry. 

Even though this is the model, I've used freshwater seed pearls, because they looked so lovely against the rich colour of the copper wire.

I've been working on a copper model of a seed pod inspired necklace/collar.  I finally soldered all the model pieces together yesterday.  

To be honest, I'm pretty pleased with the collar.  It's the first thing I 've made using solder.  So far it hasn't fallen apart. 

(Soldering isn't easy.  I kept blowing the pieces of copper away from each other with the flame from the torch.  I also inadvertantly set fire to the bench work top.  But managed to blow it out before any real damage was done.  Comments were made about the smell though.  Ahem.  No harm no foul.)



  1. Wow, it's lovely Em. I'm surprised you're even thinking of making it in silver - I like the coppery tones, it's gorgeous!

  2. Well, look at you! I'm not really the creative type, except when it comes to words, so I'm always jealous of folks like you. I covet your talent! SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did...Happy Saturday Sharefest!

    Stick a Fork in Me...I'm Done!

  3. I'm really glad you like it Liza. I like the copper too. I'm wearing it right now!

    Hi Melissa, thanks for leaving a lovely comment. I'm glad you stopped by. :)

  4. Wow! That is lovely Aunty Em. You have such a talent for this, Keep it up!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I had to remove the above comment, Alex, as I'm a spelling pedant and made a spelling mistake! Thanks for the lovely comment. I don't want to be an embarrasing aunty but am so made up you dropped by and left a comment. OK. Will stop being embarrassing now.

  7. I like how your inspiration switches - writing to creating something beautiful and back again. Creativity in multiple forms!

    Oh, and I wanted to eat your header. Those cupcakes should be illegal as they're driving me towards a craving I can't ignore.

  8. Wow, you really have a talent for creativity! Never in a million years would I have thought to make a ring out of's amazing!!

  9. Helene, I'm made up you like the ring! Am making it in silver this week. I'll post pictures when it's done. Hope you're having a good week, and that the little ones are all doing well! :)

    Thanks One Sassy Girl, I'm glad you like the header picture. It "does me ugly" too, every time I log on here and see it I get the urge to bake!


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