Creative Irony

Having stated quite clearly to the blogging world, and the Universe in general, that I was like a bottle of pop when it came to writing posts for my blog ie. fizzing with ideas all over the place, I sat down today to write a blog post.

Chewing on pencil.

Chewing on lip.

Staring out of the window.

Looking at my nails.

Making raspberry-type blowing noises as I rue the day I said out loud I had loads of writing ideas.

Rolling eyes.

Blowing again.

Tapping on desk.

Making weird facial gurning expressions.

Head in hands in dramatic "I Give Up" gesture of defeat.

I got nothin'.

No fizzing.

No itchy fingers magically writing a blog full of wit, vigour and verve.

It's the kind of irony that only the Creativity Gremlins could appreciate.

So, today I am posting some pictures of my recent artistic creative endeavours.  Enjoy.  If I can't get my fizz back, it may be all I'm posting for a while...

As part of my year long commitment to embracing creativity I have been playing with different mediums to inspire jewellery designs.

I've been working on creating designs inspired by the shapes of seed pods.  I started by making a quick five minute sketch of my chosen pod.  The first thing I've drawn in nigh on twenty years...

Looking at particular shapes within the overall sketch, I picked out areas that appealed to me and then went on to sketch bolder, more stylised shapes.  I used inks, metallic paints, and ink pen to play with different shapes, styles and colour groups, and suddenly these little gems appeared on the paper. 

Using hot wax and ink was a lot of fun and gave a really lovely effect.  Also a lot less painful than having a holiday wax.  I'm just saying. 

I seem to be all about the bold shapes and colours.

Etching into metal was interesting, especially when using inks to add colour.  I used an empty tube of tomato puree, washed out and flattened open. 

My Mission If I Choose To Accept It:

 To use these designs to inspire possible designs of a necklace, pendant, earrings, bracelet or ring.  I have a couple of sketch book pages of pencil and ink drawings of possible jewellery designs and will spend the next few weeks making one or two of them in copper and then, silver.  I won't post the designs here just yet, but will share them with you when I've made the jewellery.  It's more fun that way!

It seems that my dream of coming over all Flashdance with goggles and a naked flame may be coming to fruition.

What a feelin'! 


  1. My favorite is the blue flowers on the silvery background. I love the bold colors and clean lines, too. They would make great bedding designs!

  2. That's such a good idea Crystalin! I will think about how todo that! thanks for your lovely comments. Sending smiles.

  3. Oh Emma, what a great site and a wonderful challenge you have set yourself this year! How wild that we are both seeking out our creative energy at this point. Soooooo love this entry and WOW, what amazing pieces you set down in such strong shapes, bold lines and yummy colours. More more more....I wanna see more! (the cupcakes ROCK too). will keep checking in now that you are on my radar girl. Big hugs and much love,

  4. You could start a whole new career in creative holiday waxing!

  5. Kim, that idea is so wrong and yet, just so right!

  6. I think I saw a little bit of tomato puree you left behind!


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