A Grand Day Out

Today my Significant Other and I had a Grand Day Out. 

We went here...

And we bought this for me...

Oh, Happy Day!

I know material things aren't meant to be the answer for personal happiness. 

But I have to tell you, handing over twenty five of the Queen's English pounds to buy a Cath Kidston oil cloth bag was a very glittery moment for me today.  Only matched by the experience of carefully organising all my special handbag things inside.  Very glittery indeed.

My Significant Other didn't see anything that he really fancied in Cath Kidston.  So we went elsewhere and bought him some nifty running gear.  More about that next time...

I hope you've had a glittery weekend.

I have. 



  1. What a beautiful looking shop. I'm jealous of your purchase.

  2. Sounds fab, what a lovely bag! My weekend has been pretty swell too :)

  3. Lovely bag. I love a bit of CK therapy, its one of my favourite places to visit. xx Pixie xx

  4. I cannot walk into CK and not buy at least one thing - even if's it's small, I'm totally ridiculous in this shop!! but I do love it! x

  5. It is a gorgeous shop, Psychedelicsister, and I will be going back!

    Helena, my name is Emma and I am a Cath Kidstonaholic.

    Thanks for dropping by, Onecraftyfox. you're welcome here anytime. I'm glad your weekend has been a good one.

    Pixiedust, a bit of CK therapy goes a long way! xxx

    I totally understand, The English Writer, I already have plans to return and make another wee purchase! x

  6. Such a pretty bag and I'll bet it has inspired another creative spark! I loved your story about the bag of curtain 'scraps'!! What a lucky girl. Your buntings are darling! I've been wanting to try my hand at one. Think I will now. xo

  7. I just wanted to say thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving a nicey :)

  8. mmmmm nothing like a mooch around a ck store!! xx

  9. I think that is a great way to spend your £25!P.s I just spotted your cats, how cute..x

  10. Oooh. lovely. It's nice to be spoiled with pretty things, and Cath Kidston does pretty things so well.

  11. You're right, Roberta, my new bag has inspired my creative spark, along with your beautiful vintage table cloth curtain. I've made a blind this week for my bedroom. x

    Onecraftyfox, you are most welcome!

    I find wandering around a CK store really relaxing, Lissylou!

    My cats are called Eric and Ernie, Emma. Maybe I should think about introducing them in a post... x

    I agree Catherine!


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