Words Words Words

I like words.  I like the way they sound.  I like how they look.  And I like words for what they represent. 

So the current trend for having words as decoration in the home makes me very happy.  

I have wooden letters painted with gold leaf spelling out "BATH".   Laid out, funnily enough, in the bathroom.

When I first displayed them, my Significant Other asked me why I was labelling parts of the house.  I explained that I had wanted "RELAX" but the shop didn't have all the letters to spell that out.  So I had to go with either "RELA" or "BATH".  You can see why I chose "BATH".

I also have the word "LOVE" laid out in my living room.  It's my favourite word.  It's a powerful word.  I like that I can see that word when I'm in my home.  It reminds me of what's most important.

And in my kitchen, I have this...

As profound statements go, it's right up there with "Custard Cream", "Sausage" and "Gin".

I like words.  They make me smile.


  1. I'm a word girl too! :) In my house, I have Believe, Imagine, and Grace . . . and I'm waiting on a word mural that I've ordered to put in my entry way. I think I'll stop at that though because pictures are good too.

    Thanks for stopping by Sugar Tails. I love glitter. :) And you have a lovely blog. Good luck with finding The Answer!

    Happy SITS Saturday.


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