Marathons, Sewing, and Eric and Ernie

It's been a busy week this week.

My Significant Other ran the London Marathon.  I know.  How fab is that?  26 long miles.

He was completely brilliant and I am so proud of him.

You can learn more about his fundraising, (And see a cheeky pic of the two of us!) by clicking here.  

And I've been sewing.  Something really lovely.  And I've surprised myself.  Because I've been working from a pattern, and I didn't know I could do that!  I was hoping to be able to post pictures of what I've been working on here today.  But it's taking longer than I thought to finish, so please bear with me!

So, I thought now would be a good time to introduce you to my cats.

Eric and Ernie.

  Chillaxing on their cushion.

Eric is the black, slinky moggy.  Ernie is the big, floppy tabby.

A few years ago my Significant Other and I went to the cat rescue.  I had planned to only get one cat.  When we got there we saw Ernie and decided we couldn't leave without him.  Then the man who worked at the rescue centre pointed into the back of a basket and asked us if we'd take the tiny, black dot curled up in there, home with us as well.  "No-one will want him because he's too shy, and he's not too well."  He had a runny nose and runny eyes.  And was curled up with his back to the world.  We hadn't even seen him until he was pointed out to us.  I couldn't leave him behind.  He was Ernie's brother, and the thought of no-one wanting him brought out the best in me.  I wanted him. 

Eric and Ernie had found a new home.

"I might be small but don't mess with me."
This is Eric at a friends house.  We liked to go visiting...

When Eric and Ernie were kittens, we liked to go visiting.  I would ply them with food carefully place them in their little wicker basket and we'd go, with food and litter tray in tow, to visit friends.

This is me and my chins, with Ernie.  Out visiting. 

When they got big enough to realise that their wicker basket wasn't all that, I couldn't go visiting with them any more.  It didn't matter how many pieces of ham I piled in the basket, they weren't getting in.

He ain't heavy, he's my brother.

And then they grew up.

From being a little kitten with runny eyes, Eric grew up to be 15lbs (he was weighed at the vets last week!) of sleek, panther cat.  Eric loves to curl up on your lap.  He talks to you with funny little miaows.  And is unbelievably loving.

Ernie likes to follow you from room to room.  If there's a box to climb in or a blanket to hide under, he's your man.  He doesn't like to sit on your lap, but loves to curl up on the back of the sofa with a paw resting on your head.  He also has the fluffiest tummy ever.

Do you have cats?


  1. God I always get so teary eyed reading peoples cat stories, lol... I'm such a softie!
    Eric is quite stunning. My friend Millie ended up with a homeless black cat in her yard that was super skinny with bad skin and she took him in and he's now quite plump and absolutely gorgeous. I can't imagine a life without felines.

  2. Lovely post, Em! Well done to your partner for doing something wonderful. What a great achievement! Eric and Ernie are gorgeous. I still miss my elderly cat, who we lost last summer. The house isn't the same. Have a lovely holiday weekend. Lynda xxx

  3. I do love cats, and if we were to ever have a pet it would be far more likely to be a cat than a dog. Unfortunately I'm allergic to them :(

  4. Hi! I love this post, have 3 cats myself 2 from rescue centre and 1 who adopted me! They are Levi and Morgan who are sisters and had them for 10 years since kittens and Alfie who arrived on my doorstep 2 years ago.

    I absolutely adore them and love all their quirky little ways, Levi is a snooty little girl, Morgan is sooo laid back and Alfie loves to sniff car exhausts and always has a black face! LOL. xx

  5. Thanks for your recent comments Emma, they make blogging so much more fun. Well done to your other half for running the marathon. Just started running myself and 5k seems impossible so I have so much repect for 26 miles! Love Eric and Ernie, they are gorgeous. My next post will be all about our new editions to the family so keep an eye out :) Hope you're having a glittery bank holiday xxx

  6. Psychedelicsister, I love hearing other people's cat stories too. I can't imagine a life without felines either. x

    Hi Lynda, I'm sorry to hear you lost your cat last summer. xx

    Kim, being allergic to cats is a bit of a downer, for sure.

    Hi Lolo, Levi, Morgan and Alfie sound fab. I love that Alfie found you, and decided to stay. And that he sticks his face in exhausts! I love the quirky ways of cats. They are so eccentric, and I really like that. x

    Sparklybubble, congratulations on your running. I have huge respect for people who run. I am more of a sitter and thinker! xxxx


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