I've Set a Gemstone!

As personal ambitions go, one that has been with me for a very long time has been the wish to be able to make rings from silver and gemstones.  

  With gemstones set in silver.  Not wire wrapped.  Or glued.

And I've only gone and done it.  


Using sheet metal, I have cut, sawn, hammered, and soldered.

My finished ring isn't lobsided.  Or a bit wonky.  And the stone hasn't fallen out.

It's a simple silver ring with a gemstone set in a silver mount.

And I am ridiculously pleased with it.


The ring shank is made with a chunky piece of silver that I have hammered, so that it's textured.

The mount is plain, smooth silver.

The stone is a type of jasper, I think.

I haven't taken it off since I finished it.

One very long-standing personal ambition achieved.



  1. That's gorgeous Em! Really lovely. Well done. Hugs. Lynda xxx

  2. Emma, you are an ARTIST!
    This kind of jewerly is the only one I can wear. Simple, beautiful, with a touch of nature.
    Really amazing work!
    I just wonder where did you learn that...

  3. You did a great job, Emma !
    Your ring is beautiful !
    Nice evening,

  4. Superb! And you are right to be proud. Definitely tme for a *smug* moment :)

  5. How wonderful!
    It's gorgeous. I have artist envy. Do more! Do more!

  6. This is stunning!
    Wow, that is really amazing and talented.
    I can't wait to see more.

  7. Wow you are so clever that ring is gorgeous! I love simple silver rings and hammering is one of my fave finishes. Did you got to a class or just give it a go? xx

  8. Oh my, that is one beautiful ring - you should be very happy with yourself!

    I love the hammered texture - a lovely subtle bit of interest. And I'll bet that jasper is beautiful in the light with all the "icicles" in it.

    Enjoy. Regards, Sue

  9. A gorgeous ring! I myself just started in the addicting world of silversmithing.... and I'm hooked!
    Best wishes to you and your future silver adventures....

  10. WoW!! That is brilliant, no wonder you're so chuffed! I have just started a blog for the first time (which was an achievement in itself!!) Would really appreciate you having a lil looksie if you get the chance!http://hummingbird9.blogspot.com/ xx


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