What's Wrong With This Montage?

So, I was catching up on my blog reading, when I came across this gadget at myheritage.com.

You input a picture of yourself, the site "reads" your picture with face recognition technology, and then matches you with your celebrity look-a-likes.


Now, admittedly, the picture I used was one of me on a plane.  Strictly speaking, one muscle relaxant and several gin and tonics into the flight.  I'm a nervous flier.

But, you tell me, what's wrong with this montage..?



  1. I'll bet you get mistaken for Mr. Karpov all the time.
    Pretty hilarious.

  2. Hi Psychedelic, if you have a go with different pictures its loads of fun!

    Becky, only last week in the supermarket someone said, "Do you know, you share a striking resemblance to that world famous, world champion chess player of the 70's and 80's. Now, what was his name... Kasparov, Kandinsky, no, no... Karpov."

  3. I've done that one before, but my beard confuses it.

    Still, link up with me on Facebook and we can have a game of chess... :)

  4. Emma, you are not alone. I tried this and was quite pleased I got a 72% match with Madonna. Then slightly less pleased....a 62% match with Bob Marley! I'm still laughing....!
    Jane xx

  5. Kim, I'm rubbish at chess, but can play a mean Monopoly. That any good to you?

    Jane, Bob Marley?! There are no words.


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