Something That Made Me Laugh

At the end of the summer before the weather turned cold, my Significant Other and I went on a first date.  It wasn't our own first date.  We inadvertantly ended up on someone else's.  

It was my fault.  I saw a tiny table at the back of the coffee shop.  Tucked away in a little nook.  It was a great spot for drinking a hot chocolate and having a daydream.

Photo:  Becky Luigart-Steyner

I rounded the corner and plonked my bags down.  Only to find that the table was right next to a big ole leather sofa with two people curled up on it.

Their body language should have told me all I needed to know.  I probably should have walked away and got a different table.

But I didn't want to. 

When I sat down they went very quiet.  She lost the thread of what she'd been saying and got flustered.  He encouraged her to carry on.  I apologised and smiled.  They didn't really smile back.

Then my Significant Other arrived with our drinks.  He spotted the couple straight away.  And got out his paper.  I got out my book.  And neither of us read a word as we sat listening to what the couple on the sofa were saying.

He told her about the new car he had just bought.  This went down fairly well.  She told him about her dad.  This didn't go down so well.  The conversation hit a bit of a bumpy patch.  So he decided to bring out the big guns.

And said...

"I'm very proud of my collection of military grenades."

To which she responded...

"Wow!  Exploded ones?"

It took me a minute too...  

After that, my Significant Other thought it would be a grand idea if we got a picnic and went down to the river to eat it.  So we went into a shop, picked up a few goodies, and went to pay.  At the checkout, the girl serving us said...

"I've just stopped a guy from shop lifting."


"Yeah.  He was over there by the cider.  I saw him hide the bottle."

"What did you say to him?"

"I said, 'Excuse me Sir, can you give me what you've got stashed in your trousers?"

Frankly, I thought this could have gone one of two ways.  But luckily for the Saturday afternoon shoppers, apparently he retrieved the bottle, and then ran off.

"What did you do then?"  I asked her.

"I gave the bottle a wipe and put it back on the shelf."

OK then.  


  1. That's great! That'll keep me tittering for the day! xxx

  2. heeheehee!!! How random and completely hilarious!! LOVE it! I should pay more attention to whats going on around me as I'm sure funny things like that happen all the time!
    Ok so technical talk..I warn you now I am NO expert!! All I did for the tutorial was click onto the button for creating a "new post" and at the the top of the box where you write your new post you click onto "edit pages". From here it was fairly self explanatory....just like writing a post really, its all pretty clear which buttons to press for publishing then where you want the page title to be displayed..either under your header or on your sidebar...
    the thing is if I can do really cannot be hard in the slightest as my 2 year old knows more about computers than I do!!
    hope that has been of some help??!!:)x

  3. Hello, thank you for joining my blog and entering my giveaway. Good luck. Hannah x

  4. Hi Em,

    Your story had me laughing out loud!! Just read your comment on my blog. The garden festival sounds really lovely. It's so much fun meeting up with other people and seeing all those gardens. You'll probably come back full of ideas! Can't wait for the spring and those spring and summer events to begin.

    Happy wednesday!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  5. That's wonderful...although I was expecting you to say that the shoplifter had been the man that had been sat on the sofa talking. I love that she put it back on the shelf (well, sort of. Not if I then went and bought it).

  6. glad you've mastered the computer trickery, look forward to seeing what you create :)x

  7. Funny story, Emma, it made me laugh !
    Nice weekend,

  8. Funny story...thanks for just never know what you are going to hear out there in the crazy world.

    Happy weekend ..and thanks so much for visiting me the other day. xoxoxo

  9. Lovely....Very entertaining and has certainly made me smile!
    Susan x

  10. I'm still giggling about this now! Every time I remember it, it makes me smile. My S.O. and I have a horrible habit of unintentionally (who am I kidding, we totally eavesdrop) hearing other people's hilarious comments. xxx


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