Saturday Sunshine

It's Saturday.

My absolute favourite day of the week.

When I was little, Saturday was ballet lesson day.

Then I went to my nan's house and got given 10p to buy sweets from the top shop.

Then it was Basil Brush time.

Basil Brush used to make me laugh till I couldn't breathe properly, and snorted my sweets.

Which used to really irritate my sister. 

If you're not familiar with the 1970's phenomenon that was Basil Brush, here he is in a public information film for children intent on trying to drown themselves on airbeds at sea.  (Is it just me or were there a lot of small children intent on setting fire to themselves, getting run over, and drowning at sea in the 1970's?  I remember a large number of public information films that spent a lot of time telling me not to do those things.  I remember feeling quite insulted.  I'd already figured out it was a bad idea.) 

Now I'm older.  But not necessarily more grown up.  And alongside Basil Brush, I have new loves.  

Including the wonder that is Cath Kidston.

So as it's Saturday, the sun is shining, Ernie is still sleeping on his knitted cat blanket, and all's right with the world, I thought I'd share a bit of gratuitous bag love.

Here is the canvas beauty my Significant Other bought for me.

Complete with jaunty flower clip added by me.

 Ernie, checking out the big bag doesn't contain fish steaks.  

A perfect bag for a perfect Spring day.

I hope you're having a gorgeous weekend in your neck of the woods.

Oh, and there are still two days to enter my giveaway.  Just click on the Mimi and Tilly Giveaway widget in my sidebar to go to the relevant post, and leave a comment.  I'll announce the winner on the 28th February. 



  1. Ah yes I too remember Basil 'Boom Boom' Brush. What a gem! Luck you with the Cath Kidston bag - It is really gorgeous, especially with the added flower. Sue x

  2. Oh I so remember all those mini 'warning' films that used to go out on the telly. Mind you they wouldn't need them for kids these days as all the kids play in virtual worlds, so no chance of drowning for them :o)

    Wasn't heavily into good ol Basil but he definitely reminds me of my childhood, what a long time ago that was, ouch!

    Enjoy your weekend. lolo xx

  3. Never heard of Basil brush before. Thanks for explaing. Your new Cath Kidston bag looks great!

    Happy weekend,

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  4. Oh the memories - Saturdays used to be so special - we always went to my Gran's house on Saturday mornings, and got our pocket money! You have brought it all back!

  5. I ADORE Basil Brush! And do you remember those films with the cat that used to miaow and the boy would say, "Charlie says..." something about looking both ways before you cross the road or something. We did watch them thinking, 'Every child knows that!' didn't we? I also think it's your header that made me realise how much I like pink!

  6. Boom, Boom!!! I loved the public info films! I especially loved the large lady with the sunglasses on the beach - 'learn to swim young man, learn to swim'!!

    Love the bag, in fact I am just as interested as Ernie!

  7. I remember the public imformation film on Farms, It was like something from a horror film!!! gave me nightmares for months.... apparently!!

    Loving the Cath bag, have a lovely evening x
    Sophie x

  8. Love the flower on the bag, really makes it :)

    I remember those films, they also had one about playing in quarries and on big machinery. They really stuck in my mind. x

  9. :) Basil there is blast from the past....and yes I remember those ads too....the firework one has still given "the fear" of sparklers! :)
    Oooh gorgeous bag, yummy Cath Kidston floral prints beats salmon steaks any day!xx

  10. What a lovely bag! And how sweet he added the flower for you. That's brilliant. Have a good weekend.

  11. Cats are always great as product inspectors. They are very thorough and their wages are reasonable.

  12. Somehow Ernie looking off into the distance like that makes him appear inconsolable! Poor sad Ernie and his no fish steaks.

  13. I remember the film about staying safe on escalators. When the little girl dropped her doll and it's hair became stuck at the bottom of the escalator. I have been scared of getting and on the escalator ever since and cling on for dear life!

  14. Thanks for all your lovely comments, I love reading them, and following your blogs. Am ahving a tired week, so will catch up on blog reading soon. Big hugs, Em xx


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