Va-Va-Voom Vintage

Not so long ago my Significant Other and I went to a local vintage car rally.

My Significant Other loves vintage cars.  

So do I.

Obviously not as much as I love vintage shoes, vintage jewellery and vintage dresses. 

But if it's vintage, it's pretty much guaranteed I'll get on board.  So to speak.

Imagine my hand-clappy delight when I discovered the village hall next to the car rally was hosting a vintage fair.  

I was fair a-quiver with anticipation of the glittery, sparkly jewels I might find.

I knew I was on to a good thing when I saw a lady towards the back of the hall wearing a full length purple velvet cloak, and a huge feathered hat.  She was interesting and/or completely bonkers.  Both of which are very good things as far as I'm concerned.  So I headed her way.  And she had the most beautiful collection of vintage glitter I have ever had the good fortune to witness first-hand. 

Amongst the beaded and fringed 1930's purses, the twinkly brooches, and the pill-box hats, I found this complete treasure... 

A 1950's diamante and faux-pearl choker in perfect condition.  Complete with matching earrings.

The lovely lady selling them told me she had bought the set that week from a little old lady who was having a clear out.  The little old lady told her she had bought them in the fifties, worn them a couple of times and had wrapped them up and stored them away, not wearing them since.    Every bead perfect.  Every glittering stone intact. 

I wish I knew what events the lady had worn them for.  But I don't.  

So I've decided she wore them on one of her first "dates" with her beloved husband.  And that they were so special to her, she packed them away for safe keeping.  

Obviously, I'm stumbling over the part where she decides to sell them...  So have decided that it's because she wants to do something wonderful in her husband's memory, and will use the money she's made from her clear out to take her self out for a cream tea.  

Of course, if she's living on the bread-line and has had to flog her precious items in order to feed all her starving cats...  Because her husband left her when he couldn't stand the smell of cat one day longer...  Then I'm a tad upset on her behalf...     

Let's not pull at that thread.

Instead here are some more pictures to enjoy...

I have my va-va voom necklace and earrings on display.  Each time I look at them I think of the little old lady who owned them and where she went wearing them.  I fancy I'll wear them with a long-sleeve black t-shirt, my slouchy jeans, and a high pony tail. 

And just hope that the little old lady who sold them has a wonderful time when she goes out for her cream tea.  


  1. What a lovely find :), great possible story behind them too! Think I prefer the first one! :) xx

  2. bless that little old lady :) I imagine she'd be absolutely delighted if she knew they had gone to such a loving home....mmmmm now you've got me in the mood for a cream tea :)x

  3. Oooh - how lovely! I love the individuality of each pearl and the beautiful clasp. The little old lady would be glad to now they've gone to someone who will cherish them!

  4. Crazy, there's a feather be-hatted purple cloak wearing lady who has a vintage jewellery stall at my local flea market, could it be the same one?

    As for the va va-voom - gorgeous!

    Cate, x

  5. Hi again! I've just discovered your lovely comment on my JOY journal tutorial!OOOh can't wait to see what you create with all your vintage treasures. How amazing to have been able to get your hands on vintage theatre costumes, i bet you saw some amazing pieces. I'm so delighted you got a little bit of inspiration from the tutorial :)x

  6. So nice you're back, Emma !
    I see I've missed a few posts.
    What a treasure you've found, that necklace and those earrings are gorgeous !!
    Enjoy wearing them !
    Lovely wishes,

  7. Thanks for the comment about my blog, I have been faffing around with it for ages! I was worried that I was going to end up deleting it by mistake! :) xx

  8. Ethereal and gorgeous! I wore a handmade twisted-wire, pearl & crystal piece not unlike that in my hair on my wedding day, and it eventually became my former best friend from summer camp's "something borrowed" on her wedding day. :)

  9. I'm glad you like this necklace and earring set. My friend is getting married next year and when she saw it in this blog post, she asked if she could wear it on her wedding day! I'm so touched that my necklace and earrings will be her something borrowed! xxx


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