My Desk Today.

My desk today.  
Art supplies and jam jars make me happy.
What makes you happy?


  1. Your header is gorgeous: so bright and summery.
    My little three-week old kitten is making me smile today, trying to get out of his box and explore.

  2. oh yes, that is a bouquet of delicious goodness!
    flowers and bottles of all kinds
    make me happy this time of year favorite art supplies:)
    but happy shiver over your
    beautiful pens, too!

  3. Emma - GREAT new header! Well I didn't see the old one but this one is GREAT! What makes me smile -well today it is the thought of sunshine, water and beaches Coming Soon!

  4. Good quality fibre to spin and nice sheep to shear make me happy!

  5. Pens, paints and lots of fabric make me very happy!


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