Live Like You Are Very, Very Precious.

Live like you are very, very precious.
Because you are.

Those words flitted across my mind this week.  And I decided to paint a picture around them.

The image of a beautifully feathered, exotic looking bird kept coming into my head.  Do you know the kind I mean?  Absolutely stunning but somehow very fragile looking.  That's kind of how we are isn't it?  All stunning in our own beautiful way, but also fragile and vulnerable.

I used my new Tombow art pens on this design.  My Significant Other (Let's call him Steve.  Because that's his name.) bought them for me.  They are the Roll's Royce of art pens, and come in 96 different shades.  As Tombow is my witness, I intend to own all 96 colours at some point on the space time continuum.  They glide across the page, have gorgeously rich pigment, and make my eyeballs fizz with joy at their colour.  Thank you Steve.

I hope this weekend, you are able to find some time to live as if you are very, very precious.  Because you are.

Happy Saturday.


  1. i love the words and birds
    that flitted around in your heart
    and so grateful you took pen in hand
    and gave them all wings!
    beautiful, beautiful share,
    (taking those words to heart)

  2. And YOU are very very precious, dear Emma whose eyeballs fizz with joy over the gorgeous pigment of Tombow art pens. : )

  3. Beautiful - as always.

    Jumbleberries xx

  4. Your words and beautiful art touched my heart. Thank you. Nancy

  5. Lovely words! I am always telling others how precious they are, so it is nice to reminded that I am too!

  6. Your new painting is just lovely Emma!

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  7. Emma, this is one of my favs when I saw it on Color Love FB page. Love the words and the colors. I hope we BOTH own all 96 Tombows someday! :) It's so much fun to play with color...I'm having a blast!

  8. Gorgeous, Em. The colours are indeed rich and joyful, but I think the artist has something to do with that joy as well! xxx

  9. Those words and colors bounced off your art and into my heart. So lovely and true.

  10. Thanks Steve :)

    This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I love it so much.

    Sarah xxx

  11. I love these bright colours - they're beautiful :D


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