A Sneaky Peek...

I know it's November, and not quite yet the season to be jolly.  But, screw that.  My Christmas tree is up and I'm excited. 

Do you celebrate Christmas?  When do you crack out your Christmas decorations?


  1. It looks utterly gorgeous!! :-) Hurrah for early tree decorating!! :-)

    Jem xXx

  2. How pretty!
    I love Christmas and our decorations go up December 1st. My nan would never let them go up until twelve days before the day which was a torturous wait as a child! Andy has though, put the Christmas storage crates at the bottom of a cupboard with oodles of boxes on top of them, so that's going to be Saturday's task!

  3. I just love your spirit!
    I'll bring in the greens
    this weekend.I usually wait
    till after the first of December
    because I love fresh,
    still smelling sweet and pungent
    from outdoors
    and don't want it all to dry out
    before the week of Christmas.
    Usually I have to bring in fresh
    reserves before Christmas
    but it's worth the hassle
    ....my family laughs that if I could bring the forest inside
    I would:)
    I disagree.....I'd bring only
    the stars:)
    hope it's a beautiful season
    for you!

  4. Wow you're early!!! but it looks awesome. My tree won't be up until the last minutw, I move house on December 22 and it's going up the next day.xx.

  5. ours go up as late as poss...and then I fall in love with them all over again and pack them away at the very last stroke of 12th night!

  6. When school finishes, this year on Dec 22nd, and down on 12th night. I treat the tree to something new every year.

  7. I don't like the tree up too early, week before is OK for me, despite the kids nagging me! Never wait till twelfth night either to take it down. Bah humbug! But once it's up, it's the BEST tree, if I say so myself! Apart from yours, of course! xxxxx

  8. Generally it's about 2 weeks or so before the day that the decorations and tree go up. But if you're interested, follow this link to a post I wrote a few years back about the time we very nearly lost Christmas altogether...


  9. Your tree looks lovely Emma! In Holland we celebrate Sinterklaas first on the 5th of December. The day after that, I will put up our tree. Can't wait :-)!

    Madelief x

  10. It looks gorgeous and so warm. For years i used to put the tree and the decorations up on xmas eve it made it more exciting for the boys but this year i will put it up in 2 weeks time after the wedding it will be something nice to do and focus on after. dee x

  11. Yay! The tree looks fab! There is something sooo magical about a Christmas tree. It's one of this weekends job-hurrah! :-) x


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