Let's Get The Ball Rolling Again

For the past couple of months, I've needed some time away from blogging.  Just to have some quiet to really rest and do a bit of reflecting.  There's been a lot going on.  Big stuff.  Small stuff.  And some stuff in between.

I thought I'd come back and find I'd lost a good chunk of my readers.  It's lovely to know you're still here. How have you been?


While I was having a good think, I realised I seem to have two distinct sides to who I am.

The quiet, solitary soul who loves silence, peacefulness and no clutter.

And the giggly, naughty Emma who can get so over-excited I've been known to start gurning.

My art journalling and my jewellery designs seem to show this contrast really clearly.

I wear little jewellery, except one or two bits.  I like jewellery that has clean lines, a minimalist look and that doesn't feel too "fussy".  So I tend to wear a chunky ring, a plain thin, round silver bangle and maybe a small pair of studs or honking great hoops.  When I design a piece of jewellery, I find myself making pieces that are simple to look at and easy on the eye. I like textured metal, with gemstones to add a little bit of magic.  But that's it.  I don't know why, but that's what I love.

I only started drawing again in February of this year.  When I picked up my art pens and started to doodle in my journal, I made the conscious decision not to judge what came out onto the page.  I decided to turn off the critical voice that told me I needed to do things a certain way, and instead, I just followed my painting/drawing heart.

Who knew my paintings would be an embarrassment of colour riches?

This has been a bit of a problem when it's come to designing my blog.  One side of me says "keep it simple, don't scare people away with your colour-love, go for minimal white with a simple bold header". The other side of me says "RED, PINK, OOH OOH MORE RED. WAHAAAAY."


I've decided I need to honour and look after both sides of who I am and embrace the contrast they bring to my life. Enjoy the quiet when I need to, and roll with the gurning ...

So as a contrast to all the bright doodles I've been sharing here's a quiet moment of minimalist lines. Two pieces of jewellery I made way back in January, just before I picked up my art pens...

A silver pendant with fresh water pearls.  This design was inspired by the leaves falling from the trees outside my house last autumn. The rich reds of the leaves reflected in the red pearls. It was a gift for a friend. (Although the little bit of wire poking up on the bottom left-hand side is mashing my swede.  A pox on my fantastic macro setting!)

The ring is one I made to remind myself to be kind to myself.  Each time I look at that bobby dazzler on my finger I hear the words "You, yourself, as much as anyone in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection." Buddha.

Words to live by.


  1. Welcome back! Beautiful jewellery , especially the heart ring!

  2. helloooooo,
    the nicest thing about blogging is really, you can or you don't and the world still turns...thus said, its still lovely to read what you have to say!

  3. Words to live by indeed! I always love your jewellery, and if I had your creative talent and know-how I'd be changing the blog around all the time, it always looks great no matter what you do.xx.

  4. Welcome back, Emma!
    Hope you're feeling OK.
    Of course most of us have contrasting traits, and our blogs will reflect this from time to time. I don't think anyone would be scared away by lots of colour, I'm sure a bit of quiet and minimal can work perfectly well alongside a riot of brightness!
    Your jewellery is beautiful xxx

  5. There's a grown.up and a little girl both fighting for centre stage within you! Sometimes one or the.other wins, sometimes a mixture.
    I adore that leaf-inspired pendant, its beautiful.

    Lucy x

  6. Welcome back Emma. I hope you are well?! Your new jewellery looks lovely. I like the heart shaped ring.

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Madelief x

  7. Your jewellery is lovely. I make myself but always like simplicity so I can let the gems speak for themselves, so your pieces really appeal to me x

  8. Welcome back Emma! *smile*

    I adore the ring...it's lovely!

  9. I'm so glad to see you back on the block....you're a wonderful neighbor:)
    And I so GET you....feel every word
    you wrote to the bottom of my being.
    I feel just the same way
    so often.
    I love your jewelry....the clean lines rest my soul.
    And I love your vivid color...it gives me that rollercoaster joy:)
    Yep, I pretty much love all of you!

  10. Hello Emma! I love your new look and your thoughts about the two contrasting sides of you. i share this too and my art has become so colorful and vibrant yet I crave simplicity and solitude. So happy you are back sharing your light.

  11. Love your new look, Emma! I share your love of colorful art making and simplicity and solitude.
    So happy you are back. All the best to you this holiday season. Keep shining your light.


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