Fio and Neo

Just under eight years ago, my beautiful cousin, Fiona, called me to tell me she had got a puppy.
"He's like 'Hooch' in 'Turner and Hooch'".
It had been a while since I'd seen the film, so rather than trying to describe him, Fio said she'd just bring him round.
I'll never forget the day I first set eyes on Neo.  

Bouncy, fluffy, jowly, with the biggest paws I'd ever seen.  And amber eyes.  He ran around the garden eating everything, and then had a great big poop.  He was gorgeous.  And enormous.

Neo was more than a dog, a pet.  He was loyal, loving and completely sweet-natured.  He was protective, solid and dependable.  He was funny, and daft and completely handsome.  He harumphed and gurgled under his breath.  When he wanted love, he would come and lean all of his massive weight on you and wait till you tickled and cuddled him.   He loved Fio, and was there for her always through the years they spent together.

Whenever I went to visit, he greeted me at the door, and waited to be loved.  Then he followed Fio and I into the kitchen and sat down for the duration. 

It was incredibly easy to love Neo. 

Neo grew poorly in recent months and today, Fio had to take him on his last visit to the vet's.

I love my cousin Fio, and I love Neo and will miss him.

Here he is...

 Neo 2003-2011


  1. Awwww, what a handsome boy.
    The loss of a pet is so heart breaking, they are like family members and unfortunately have too short of lives. I hope your cousin is doing okay, I can't stop blubbering and I didn't even know him :(

    RIP Neo.

  2. Oh dear, I am so sorry for all your loss. What a beautiful dog, big! but very very cute. I have 3 pooches of my own, 2 of which are now 13. Can't bear the thought of them not being here any more. Losing a treasured friend is too much and my thoughts are with you all today. Sue x

  3. He looks lovely. Sorry about the loss.

  4. What a handsome chap, sounds like the perfect friend too. RIP Neo :) xx

  5. I'm saddened to read of Neo's passing, but how lucky he was to have been so loved.
    Alas, the price we pay for loving our animals so much is the heartache they leave behind...

  6. What a beautiful boy, I'm so sorry to hear of Fio's loss, I'm sure he'll be missed. I find the cure is to go to the nearest animal shelter and take a stroll along the aisles! My dog is so much a part of my life I can't imagine how it will be when she's gone. Hugs to you and your cousin.

  7. So sorry to hear about your cousins dog. Take care!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  8. Such sad news, he looks adorable, sending you hugs. xx

  9. I´m sad about your loss!
    Love to you.

  10. What a gorgeous dog, so sorry you've lost Neo !

  11. he's adorable. Love to you and your cousin. Dogs are so much more than dogs, they're part of the family x

  12. Thank you for all your warm wishes and kind words, I'll pass them on to my cousin Fio. I've been a bit sad this week, to be honest, but will be back soon. Em xx

  13. Ohno that is too sad.... biggest of hugs being sent to you both xOxO

  14. So sorry to hear about gorgeous Neo Em. He has left his big paw prints on your hearts. Sending hugs to you and Fiona. xx


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