Silver Spirals

I love spirals, and twirly things.  
Vines, creepers, curly staircases.
 Willy Wonka-style lollipops. 
And the longer I make jewellery the more I find myself twisting and twirling the metal!


Do you remember when you were little and used to spin around till you made yourself dizzy?
 That's what this ring reminds me of!

Hope you've had a corker of a weekend.

I'm linking up with Heart Handmade UK with this post today.

Take a peek...


  1. Emma this is so awesome!
    You are so talented. Where are you selling your jewelry?

  2. As old as I ma, I do remember twirling until we would fall down! Thanks for the memories!...:)JP

  3. What a fantastic ring. I love it! Very very unique! Sue x

  4. Thats a fabulous ring, love your description too. Scarlett x

  5. I love the ring so much. Very interesting.
    And lovely photos. :)

  6. Hello!
    Thank you for popping by my luttle blog with a sweet comment!
    You make gorgeous jewellery! Your Bluebird necklace is AMAZING!
    Rachel x

  7. It seems you and I have the same love of great big mahoooosive honking and swirly twirly whirly rings! And WOW!...your rings are GOOOOOORGEOOOUUUUUUUS!
    I am truly impressed :)
    Yay for joining in my giveaway too! So glad you could make it :)x

  8. I love spirals too!, a gorgeous ring, your very clever with jewellery, and lovely photo's x

  9. Oh my this is stunning! What talent you your words today!

    Happy Tuesday my friend. xoxox

  10. Your ring is just gorgeous, I love silver jewellery - too pale to wear gold, and this is just my sort of thing :-) Vines and creepers always capture my imagination and make me think of tumbling old ruins and big echoing houses full of stories!

    The background you've placed the ring on is stunning - is it a tile?

    Jem xXx

  11. Beautiful love the hammered effect. The ring reminds me of when a pumpkin is putting out curly tendrils.

  12. it's soooooooooooooooo pretty!
    gorgeous photos!
    happy night, :)

  13. Stunning ring, and I'm a big lover of hammered silver, can't get enough of it. You are clever. xx

  14. That's lovely, completely my sort of thing. Where did you learn your jewellery skills?


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