The Sun Has Got It's Hat On

The sun is shining.
The birds are singing.
The squirrels are running amok in my garden.
And my gorgeous friend Marie knocked on my door a couple of days ago with a big bunch of daffodils wrapped in a red ribbon for me.  Thank you Marie.

In honour of Spring finally arriving.
And the fact that I love flowers more than I love ready salted crisps...

Here are some sunny, flowery, springtime earrings I've made...

Bloom where you are planted...  I read that somewhere once...
I hope you are enjoying the sunshine wherever you are.  And that your weekend is a real bobby-dazzler.


  1. Beautiful earrings! How lovely to have a bunch of daffodils delivered to your door by a friend! The spring air has been lovely this week...lets hope the weekend is a great one too!!!!!!

    Vanessa xxx

  2. One or 2 daffodils have finally come out in the garden. Seems awfully late this year. Glad Spring has decided to come along after all. With all the snowdrops still in bloom as we near the end of March (something I think of as a January flower), I was beginning to worry

  3. aahh, a big "hip hip hooray" for spring AND friends arriving with glorious flowers :)
    So lovely to see your beautiful earrings too... sooo pretty xx

  4. Today is Daffodil Day, where one can buy daffodils to raise money for cancer support. I carried one around at school and people kept asking about it. I also saw two teachers with daffodil pins. It's a nice celebration of spring and raises money for a good cause.
    And spring has finally arrived in full force. We've been having the most amazing weather, and all the trees are blossoming. When you walk under them, tiny pink petals drift down around you. And there are so many fresh smells in the air. I always forget how much I love spring until it has returned again. This winter was especially bleak, so it is nice to have sun and growth.

  5. Hi Em, thanks for stopping by my blog. Love your earings, isn't spring just the most wonderful time of the year! Hannah xx

  6. Adorable earrings, but I love the bouquet of flowers BEST!...:)JP

  7. Lovely earings, very pretty. Hurrah for the sunshine :) x

  8. Beautiful earrings, Em !
    Love the ring in your previous post too !
    Wish you a nice and inspiring week,

  9. You make such beautiful jewelry! The earrings are very cute & pretty. Is that what you enjoy doing most?

  10. Beautiful earrings - i love the quote bloom where you are planted - thats so sweet, Good luck with the decoupage - going to do a how to i think once ive finished the other chair as seems a lot of people want to give it a go :o) Scarlett x

  11. lovely blog darling....!

    ps. I want to invite you to my first giveaway



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