Beautiful Blankets

A couple of days ago, I took myself off to the village near where I live to post a letter.  I know.  I'm veritably flying by the seat of my pants.  After having a wee chat with the lady at the post office, (no mean feat as the lovely woman clearly wasn't happy in her work) I decided to do a bit of jay-walking and make my way to the very tired looking but very friendly charity shop across the street.

I love this charity shop.  It is staffed by two lovely older ladies who take great pleasure in putting absolutely everything that is donated to the shop out on the shelves, in no particular order.  Yesterday when  I went in, there was a solitary green shoe on display on the shoe rack.  No sign of the other shoe to match it.  Alongside a woolly bobble hat.  I don't go in very often, but the last time I was there was around Easter-time and the shop had a slew of Christmas cards on display.  It's the best charity shop ever.

When I went in yesterday, I thought all my Christmases and Easters had come at once.

In the back of the shop, hanging on the "sale" rail was the most beautiful vintage wool blanket in the prettiest soft pink.  And mahoooosive enough to cover a king-size bed.  Reduced from £3.39 to £1.39.  (I even love the seemingly random prices these slightly bonkers ladies choose.  £3.39?)  The kind of woollen blanket you suffocate under because it pins you to the bed with its wonderful woolly weightiness.  I grappled the beauty home.

Fresh from being laundered in a very large vessel, it now has pride of place on my bed.

I wonder if the original owners of my blanket looked like this...

I know it's July, but there's something really cosy about having your feet pinned to the mattress by the sheer weight of a woolly blanket.  Don't you think?


  1. your bed loks beautiful in that colors!!

  2. Absolutely love your bargain blanket! Brings back memories of times before duvets. When your mum would tuck you in and you couldn't move let alone get back out of bed with someone helping you! Sue x you never know a one legged person with a fetish for green may have the missing shoe.

  3. Wow, I can't believe the price.
    You will just love it in the winter, I have one like it and it is just soooo warm.
    I had 2 when I got married eonnnnns ago, and they lasted for years.
    I love the sound of your charity shop, that's how they should be. Here they are all organized and I am sure that a lot of the donations never see the shop. dealers get in the back and have a good sort out.
    Watch out for the cats, ours make a bee line for that blanket as they know a good warm thing when they see it. lol

  4. Those ladies sound ace. Hurray for English eccentricity. The blanket looks very cosy and your bed looks gorgeous. x

  5. Ideal for July. Here in Scotland we've been taking a hot water bottle to bed each night for the past several weeks. There's been a disctinct cold autumnal feel in the air since about mid-May...

  6. heehee! You have me chuckling heartily here... at the thought of the battle that will ensue when trying to turn over under the hefty pink blanket...that you managed to squeeze a "mahooosive" into the post..and that there exists such a fantastic couple of ladies who sell single green shoes and charge items at the pound and 39pence rate :)LOVE it! xx

  7. This is a great find! Lucky you! It looks beautiful on your bed. I see we have the same duvet covers :-)

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Lieve groet,

    Madelief x

  8. oh Wow! That looks amazing next to the rosali!

  9. Your bed looks so pretty and very inviting! I love my feet being pinned down under a blanket too! x

  10. Yes it's July but snuggly things are fabulous year-round! :-) It's a lovely find and compliments your bedding beautifully!

    Jem xXx

  11. What a score Emma. Your bed is beautiful.

  12. Oh I love a good blanket - all year round - but then I also feel the cold. Luckily blankets can be so beautiful and useful too. Love your bed linen btw!


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