Bonkers for Bunting

I'm bonkers for bunting.

Image courtesy of sweetjessie on etsy.

I love the stuff.

Those little flags never fail to bring a smile to my face.


 Bunting reminds me of summer fairs when I was little.  Ice-cream, hot dogs, and bottle stalls.  I won a little bottle of parma violet perfume from a bottle stall when I was about 8.  It was a very happy day for me. There was bunting strung all over that summer fair, and so now whenever I see bunting I think of good times...

Which would explain why my house is literally dripping in the stuff.  

  It all began last year when I added a swag of jaunty bunting to my shower rail in the bathroom, just to make me smile when I was soaking in my bubbly suds.

Then a few weeks ago I sat down to do a spot of sewing and found myself creating and adding raw silk bunting to my lounge so that I could smile to myself while watching a spot of tv.

My handmade bunting makes me smile.

Still smiling.

I tipped over the edge into a zone I will call "Possibly Just a Little Bit Too Much Bunting" last week when I took ahold of the granny squares I had been crocheting for a winter throw and fashioned them into yet more bunting.  Square bunting for crying out loud.  Not triangular bunting you understand.  Square.  I know.

 So these...

Is it going to be a throw?  Is it going to be square bunting?

...  Became this...

Square bunting it is then.
Yep.  Still smiling.

Every day is a summer fair day in my home.

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  1. I love your bunting. I sometimes fear I have strayed into bunting overload too, but can it ever be possible? I have some beams in my new house and was wondering whether to hang the bunting from beams. Hmm. Crochet bunting too, how adorable. x

  2. for me, it's just the name.
    I don't hang it I just say it.
    Bunting...where did the word come from, because it's one of the few words that actually sounds like what it describes

    I adore your crochet bunting. Colourful crochet granny squares together with bunting- doesn't get any better than that does it!

    Have a lovely weekend

  3. That is fantastically beautiful bunting, the Afghan sqaures are particularly inspired.
    You know what Keith Richards once said, If it's worth doing it's worth overdoing! x
    PS You lived in Japan? I'd love to know more about you. x

  4. Hi Mimi,

    What a good idea to make bunting out of your granny squares. I am halfway my throw now. It's more work than I anticipated, but I love making the little squares and working with the colours I chose!

    Love your fabric bunting too!

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  5. I have fallen victim to the bunting addiction too...but what a lovely, happy place you have there!
    Wishing you a great weekend,
    Susan x

  6. i love the colours of the garlands. I would like to buy in your shop, but do you send to France? Catherine

  7. Thank you for your lovely comments. I don't yet have a shop Catherine, I'm in the process of setting up my workshop. As soon as my shop is up and running, I will let you know, and will be happy to send to France! Em xx

  8. I love bunting too, there's nothing like it, is there? Obviously I use it on my card making wherever possible. The stuff in the middle picture above the bed with the wooden headboard is stunning!

  9. Hi Mimi, I love bunting too! It's so pretty and, you are right, it always brings a smile. Your lounge room bunting is beautiful and I love the last image with the bes as well.

    Happy weekend to you, Stephie x


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