My Little Slice Of Paradise

I've always loved the book "The Secret Garden", ever since  since I first read it as a child.

When I moved into my home ten years ago, I decided I wanted to plant up a garden that I could hide in.  Full of ivy, and roses.  I didn't have a garden design in mind.  I had a simple but cunning plan.  I went to the garden centres in the area each month and bought one of whatever was in bloom. I figured that would mean I'd have something doing something for each month of the year.

It worked.

My garden is very small but I love it.

And to enjoy all of this, I sit under this...

It's not tacky.  It's tiki.

Do you have a garden?

P.S.  Oddly enough, my garden is the one part of my home where I don't have any bunting...  What-a-mistake-a-to-make-a.


  1. I have that tiki umbrella too :o)) I blogged about it a while back. Your garden looks beautiful. Scarlett x

  2. Ahh, the Secret Garden ... love the book, love the film. Beautiful pics of your garden. M x

  3. I loved The Secret Garden, what a beautiful and captivating book.
    Your garden is beautiful, pretty and well thought-out details and gorgeous planting.
    I don't have a garden , we have a vast untamed wildness. x

  4. I love the things in your garden. The garden in our new house is quite small. Next year i am looking forward to making it lovely and interesting. It is south facing - i've heard hydrangeas are good in south facing gardens. And i think some fairylights would make it look lovely. There is a little area that leads you to th garage, it is grown over with ivy, so you have to push it aside. When we were shown around the house the girl said to us as she pushed the ivy away :welcome to the secret garden' i loved that!!!!!!

  5. I love your cunning plan for how to make sure your garden is always bloomin' loverly! I love my garden but have too much greenery and foliage, and need more colour! I might have to copy your plan - dig a hole each month and head to the garden centre.

  6. I do have a garden, I call it my Bijou Garden because it is so small, but I pack as many flowers into it as I can and this year it has been looking really great.
    What a good idea to visit the garden centres each month for the plants, clever you.

  7. Very Tikki - i love it! Your garden looks like a beautiful green sanctuary!

  8. your garden looks lovely!

  9. One of my favourite books too....your garden looks a lovely place to hide xx

  10. Beautiful garden, lovely flowers, Em !
    Love the rusty ornament !
    Due the bad weather lately we have a lot of work in our garden, it's not so small, and I don't like pulling weeds :-(

  11. One of my favourite books as a girl too Em! I love all your beautiful garden images. I have a garden but at the moment it looks a bit sad and neglected because of the wet weather. I don't have any bunting either!

    Love the "Tiki"!

    Hugs, Stephie x

  12. I love the idea of a hidden garden. Your looks beautiful. I have a small garden too, but it it is a little to open for my taste right now.


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