I Have a Dream

I love making jewellery.

I love making jewellery a little bit more than is decent, I think. 

I love sitting quietly, doodling shapes and ideas, figuring out how to transform the doodles into the real thing.

 How will I reproduce this in metal?  Sheet metal or wire?  Where would I solder?  How would I attach the gemstones?  What kind of shapes and textures am I after?  How will it hang?  What kind of clothes will it work with?  How much impact will it have?  

And then when I've made the finished piece, I get so excited about giving it to the person I've made it for, or wearing it myself, if I've made it for me.  

And I never get bored of this process.

I usually get a wild idea in my head about a honking great ring, or a honking great pair of earrings.  And then find myself figuring out how to translate the idea into a piece of jewellery.  No matter how much I try to size them down, they always end up being mahooooosive.

One of my dreams is to have my own jewellery workshop where I can sit, dream about sparkle, doodle, dream some more and then make the sparkly dreams a reality.  

My dream workshop is covered with strings of fairy lights, with lots of pin boards full of pictures, doodles and photos of beautiful things.  There's a little tv so I can watch fab programmes as I work.  There's also a radio so that I can listen to radio 4.  And oodles of gemstones in all shapes and sizes.  Silver sheet, silver wire, copper sheet, copper wire.  Ribbons and beautiful little boxes to store everything in.  And my work-bench, with all my tools itching to be used.  

A grotto homage to jewellery making.

That would be my dream workshop.


It would look something like this...

 With a little bit of this...


 And this...

Quite alot of these...

Some more of these...

With areas that look like this...

 And oodles and oodles of these...

I could wake up in the morning, stagger across the landing, and plop down at work.  Cup of tea in hand.  A brain fizzing with sparkle and glitter.

Every day blissfully full of doing bad things with metal and gemstones.

Yep.  I have a dream.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if this dream came true? 

Do you have a dream?

All photographs courtesy of weheartit.com


  1. I have regrets for not even trying to fulfil some of my long forgotten dreams. However, a man once gave me a book, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho ... inside the man had written "follow your dreams" and so I did and now we have been married for 10 years! I still hope to fulfil some of my other dreams, including having a shop selling vintage treasure. Go for it - follow your dream ... M x

  2. I hope your dream comes true. It would be great and I am sure it can happen for a talented lady like you.
    I love the pics. I want the big flower lights on the mirror.
    I love radio 4. I listen to it here when I am pottering and making stuff. I can just imagine you in your studio, it would be ace. I would have copious amounts of tea in mine too. Cake and biscuits too.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your jewellery. I think oversized pieces are better anyway. xxx

  3. Your dreams will come true! love your post! You can make anything happen!




  4. I would love to say my studio looks just like that. Pretty and organized! But alas it is only a dream.

  5. Your dream sounds lovely and your ideal studio is exquisite.
    I'd love some form of orgnisation unlike the chaos I live in. x

  6. Dreaming is very good for ones mind, I highly recommend it, I can spend many an hour creating away in my head. Now if I could get myself to spend such time on actually doing something I might get somewhere lol! xx

  7. One day I'm sure - your jewellery deserves a gorgeous studio to be made in. x

  8. Whether you ever fulfil the dream, you should make sure you enjoy the process of moving towards it.

    So glad you have found your passion. The way you speak of it reminds me very much of how I feel about photography, especially portraits. Infinitely varied and I can't imagine every tiring of it :)

  9. Thank you for your lovely comment, M. I love the book The Alchemist, it's one of my all-time favourites. I that the person who gave you teh book became part fo your dream... I have soem dreams I ahven't fulfilled too, and others that I'm working on, but the dream of a studio is my special dream at the moment, and one that i hope to make a reality. xx

    Romi and Bob, thank you. xx I hope to make this dream a reality. Radio 4 is the best isn't it? Sendign big hugs your way. xx

    Marie, you have a studio, good for you! That's fantastic. And mine would be messy and chaotic within the week of having it! xxx

    Thank you Vix. My home can be a bit chaotic too, and the thought of a tranquiil studio just feels fantastic! Like diving into cool water... xx

    Lolo, I know exactly waht you mean! xx

    Thanks Lakota, I'm so glad you like my jewellery. xx

    Kim, I love your idea of enjoying the process of moving towards my dreams. The whole journey is important isn't it and not just the destination (sorry to use a cliche). I'm glad I've found my passion too, (I have two, jewellery and writing). I'll keep you updated on my progress towards fulfilling my dream. Em xx

  10. If the book is a good book, then it's not about getting to the last page - in fact, it's a disappointment to reach the last page.

    If the piece of music is a good piece of music, then it's not about getting to the last note - in fact, it's a disappointment to reach the last note.

    Cliche or not, I've come to believe the destination should only be seen as a side effect, and not the whole purpose :)

  11. I need to remember that. I can get really caught up in final "destinations" and end up missing all the great views, fantastic experiences and great finds along the way. Thanks Kim. :)


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