Cats in Hats - Part Deux

I've only gone and done it again.  Stumbled across an Etsy store that sells hats for cats. These hats for cats, however, aren't chic felt adornments for your feline.  They're knitted bonnets.  Knitted.  Bonnets.  These beauties don't sit jauntily on your quietly proud pet's head.  They are held firmly and definitely in place with a determined woolly bow.  I kid you not.  There's no way Stanley, Doug or Frank (made up names I've always wanted to give to cats, after Eric and Ernie of course) could grapple their way out of one of these knitted cat fascinators. .

See for yourselves...

If I wasn't already neutered,
the cats on the street would
have my danglers for wearing this.

I...  Can't...  Breathe.

Does my bottom look big in this?

What did I ever do to you?
Okay, apart from leave furballs on your pillow.

I absolutely love all of them.  You can find these beautifully knitted hats for cats at scooterKnits on Etsy alongside knitted cat toys.  I have to 'fess up to the fact that I am profoundly jealous that the lady who designs and knits these hats for cats is able to adorn her cat with them.  If I could dress up Eric and Ernie, I'd have blog fodder for years.  I put collars on Eric and Ernie once.  Went out.  Came home.  I found them both looking stunned and confused in the middle of the carpet.  Each with a rear leg pinned under the collar and jammed against their ears.   They were like cat skittles waiting to be knocked over.  If I wasn't against cruelty to animals, I'd have given them a little shove just to see them topple, but I couldn't do it.  I was so concerned, I didn't even get my camera out.  I know.  I'm all about the compassion.  



  1. OMG Emma, I just completely laughed out loud reading this post; I love it!
    Man it sure it hard to put things on our felines isn't it? I force Meena to tolerate my constantly putting things on her head for Holiday photo ops, I try and reward her with some kind of stinky freeze dried fish in hopes that next time around she'll acquiesce knowing there's a treat invloved, lol...

  2. Tooooo funny Em! I love all the captions you put with photos.

    I don't know about dressing animals - it seems a bit unnatural to me. Maybe said Etsy seller's cats have been drugged for the photo shoot?!

    Happy weekend, Stephie x

  3. I approve of headwear for ALL creatures great and small AT ALL TIMES. If I had a cat it would have one of these in every colour - and probably some with crocheted flowers as well. Right, that's it... I'm off to get a cat.

    Sarah xxx

  4. No no no no! Clothing for creatures is plain wrong!!!
    Bloody funny though! Just look at those cats' expressions - oh how pissed off they are!
    My 4 would be beside themselves with fury and disgust and never speak to me ever again if I tried to make them wear a knitted bonnet. Collars don't last 5 minutes, they manage to of those "lose" them somewhere (ie. wriggle out of them and throw them away).
    Who rules this roost? DEFINITELY the felines!

  5. I love cats in hats! I try and dress ours up but they look at me like they hate me and I have to stop! x

  6. Not one cat looked happy. Even putting something on the back of a cat that is not tied on, they try to crawl out of it by going lower and lower. Very funny.

  7. How funny I don't see my two going for this idea. I did last Christmas balance a hat on one of them but he didn't look amused. He definitely would not appreciate one tied on....they still look cute though.

  8. Two funny! Couldn't even get close enough to my cat to put one on. But he's a huge jerk.

  9. Ahhhhhhhhh! So cute!!! So funny!!! But the cats look slightly consternated... I am tempted to order one each as Christmas presents for my two kitties!


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