I'm All Ears

I've been at it again. Spending as much virtual money as I can muster. Putting virtual jewels into my virtual jewellery box. I'm really enjoying the fact I'm not actually spending hard coinage.  No guilt after the spending fact.  And, having bought them virtually, I don't need to buy them literally.  I've already experienced my virtual shopping buzz.  Everyone's a winner.

I've got some earrings I've designed and made, to share with you this week. And in preparation, I thought I'd have a gander at the earring designs available in the shops right now. Here are the ones that really caught my eye. The designs I would want to wear. Once again, my choices haven't been made on any ethical shopping basis.  I do, however, have an ethical jewellery blog post coming up very soon.

I've come over all starry-eyed. And a bit feathery.

Click on the individual earrings to learn more about them. Which ones do you like best?    I like my earrings to have a really strong shape and colour. As you well know, when it comes to wearing rings, my style of choice errs towards the honking and mahoosive. However, when it comes to my earrings, I do like a neat stud as well as great big danglers.  So to speak.  How about you?

I'll share the earrings I've made, alongside a tiny silver band I'm very proud of, later this week.

I hope you've had a wonderful weekend.


  1. I think my faves are the black feathers, but it's tricky... I love earrings, in fact I just posted about the home I made for them all, it's transformed my accessory choosing! Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful creations.

  2. I don't wear earrings anymore (I know, I know, I'm a terrible saddo) but when I did they had to be big and dangly. I like the feathers too.

  3. I don't wear a lot of danglers anymore. Having babies pulling on them got me out of the habit, and overweighty ones in the 80s wrecked one of my ear holes so it isn't neat anymore. Too much information? I apologise! So, the upshot is, tho I appreciate the feathers greatly, for me it's the black flower studs - so pretty!

  4. Those are fun ;-) Due to having longhair and not wearing it up very much i tend to just stick with my diamond studs in all the time. Maybe im a little lazy with that to. I have lots of pretty jewely but i just don't wear it. I always think less is more. So i either wear a necklace and no braclet, or the other way round. And i only ever wear one ring at a time. I like the black flowers you showed the best. Hope you had a good weekend also and you have a fun week, dee xx

  5. Love the black and gold stars. I have a dress with black and gold buttons, none of my earrings look right with it. They would.
    I also like the pink squares, they would look the part with a vintage prim blouse and loads of thick black eye-liner. Lovely selection.

  6. Have to say I'm going for the pink ones...and as you may remember, this won't be the first time!

  7. They are all so lovely but being the pink girl that I am, the Monets are my favourite!

    Hugs, Stephie x

  8. I generally don't like much black, however I am very attracted to the black filigree flower ones. Perhaps it's because I like flowers in all sorts of forms of expression in art, nature, fashion and jewellery.

  9. Hello Em!...I wear all kinds of earrings...my favourite piece of jewellery...I am never without them and I like them to be of a certain size so that they can be seen and are not hiding behind my hair!...
    I love all your choices and particularly the 'Monet' ones..sooo pretty!
    Susan x

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