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Favourite Thing On A Friday - Compliments

Last week I posted about restyling my locks, and, frankly, it did me the power of good as I received so many beautiful compliments about how lovely my barnet was looking.  Thank you.

Then this week I had to make some phone calls that involved me sitting on hold listening to music.  The piece they were playing was very loud and, to be honest, hurt my ears.  I felt like I was being shouted at by musical notes. A tad aurally abused, if you will.

I assume that music is played while a person is sat on hold on the phone so that they are soothed and mollified by said music.  I felt neither soothed nor mollified.  I'm not generally an aggressive or impatient person.  If anything, I'd say I was a bit of a sloth when it comes to getting irritated by the stuff of day-to-day living.  But I did find that I had a strong urge to poke myself in both eye balls just to distract me from the electronic dirge that was assaulting my ear drums.

I attempted to resolve this problem by putting the phone receiver on my desk so that it was a little bit away from my head.  This didn't really work. Leaning over my desk to put my ear near the receiver, to make sure I could hear if someone picked up my call, wasn't the most comfortable position to sit in.  I haven't got an excessively enormous head, but, there is a lot of stuff stored in there and, honestly, it's heavy.

Then I came across this...

How amazing would it be for general woman and mankind if we were given compliments while we sat on hold on the phone?  How much more amenable would the conversations be, if the person left sitting on hold for ten minutes was given a litany of reasons why they were the cat's whiskers?  Talk about oiling the wheels of general happiness and I'm-having-a-good-day-ness.

In my mind it would sound something like this...

"I'm sorry but all our customer relations staff are taking other calls at the moment.  Your custom is important to us.  We will take your call as fast as we possibly can...  Do you know how hot-to-trot you are?  Yowza, that outfit you've put together today is bang on trend.  Your bottom is the perfect peachy size and most certainly does not look big in your skinny jeans.  And, what's more, you are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside.  And funny.  That joke you told your friends last week made me laugh so hard, I snorted.  Don't get me started on your writing skills.  Your words...  I'm getting a little choked up saying this...  Your  words...  Move me.  Thank you for supporting our business.  Frankly, we couldn't do it without you."

Pretty uplifting huh?  If a little invasive.

So, my Favourite Thing On A Friday this week is receiving compliments.  Thank you for the beautiful compliments you leave in your comments.  They make a huge difference to my days.

If you fancy joining in with Favourite Thing On A Friday, just link up below and I'll be over in a jiffy to pay you a huge compliment.  Just because.


What's your Favourite Thing On A Friday this week?  And what's the best compliment you've ever been paid?



  1. Just brilliant ... made me snort out loud! M x

  2. This has made me laugh out loud (in the office!) oops! And your hair did look rather fabtabulous in last week's post. To be honest, your hair has *always* looked fab so I had no inkling as to your (perceived) disabilities in this area ;)
    I'm thinking that the compliments thing is the way to go - maybe we should all put a complimentary message on our voicemail greeting and see how many nice responses we get back! xxx

  3. Absolutely brilliant. You are so funny!
    I loved last week's hair. I picked up a up do gadget thing at Poundland today, it looks ridiculously easy so I'll blog about it if it works. Have a brill weekend. xxx

  4. What a great idea - better than listening to horrid tinny music on a loop by a long chalk!

  5. HSBC have some of the crappiest holding music known to man, though I'm someone who doesn't tend to take compliments easily - one of those annoying people who think it's such a lovely thing to say but that the person paying the compliment is just being kind. I think I'd prefer random facts while on hold, those of the penguin-wrapper 'Did you know?!' variety, I'm a hoarder of useless nuggets of information :-)

    Jem xXx

  6. Pre-recorded compliments - what a concept! I like Jem's idea of random facts too.

  7. You have a lovely blog and I am pleased to have found it. Thank you.

    Dream about actually talking to someone and not a recorder. Compliments - the best idea ever.

  8. What a great idea!
    Coincidentally, I have just posted about the smile-inducing properties of the random compliment. It's true, it does make you feel good.
    And all the compliments you receive are fully deserved!
    Have a great weekend. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. ;-)) Lol that made me smile i think that would much be better than music i have to say at times that drives me nuts to. My favorite thing this Friday was being alone and having a bit of me time ;-) Selfish maybe yes. Have a lovely weekend, dee xx

  10. Awesome idea, love it!! Forgot to do a link-worthy thing for you this week :(

  11. Thanks for making me smile!

    Happy weekend, Stephie x

  12. I used to be terrible at taking compliments I'm afraid, although I've made a concerted effort to get better and more gracious about it. (Not to say I don't like them, its just that I assume people are just looking for something to say. Silly I suppose). Best compliments are always about my writing - I can take those!

  13. heeheee...I love what goes on in that (not to large) head of yours! :)
    I too go into immediate suspicion when someone randomly gives me a compliment, however I'm prepared to volunteer myself to accepting phone call compliments from a stranger...any chance he could have a french accent too ?! xx

  14. Such a coincidence to read your post today because I've been thinking about the effect a compliment had on me and how to receive them with grace! A few days ago at work I was having a really stressful day and not in a good head space when I noticed a certain rep was staring at me. When I looked at him with a 'well, what?!' expression (I don't do too well with attention) He said, 'You know that actress Jessica Biel? You look just like her' To which my face turned the color of a tomato, I laughed dismissively and scooted into our storeroom to get away!! Even though I have never been told I look like her and can't see the resemblance it would have been graceful to smile and say 'thank you, that's a nice compliment!' You are so right though, I did feel very good for the rest of the day!!! I thought 'mmm.. today isn't so bad if in the midst of all this stress I look like Jessica Biel to someone!!
    Now speaking of compliments, (get ready to receive this with grace), looking at your blog and your profile picture I always think you have such a wonderful, warm aura and that you must be one of these people who adds real positive value to the people who are fortunate enough to know you. Hope you are having a great week! regards, Nadya

  15. Yes, compliments make the world go round!

    Have a beautiful week.

  16. a bit late, but I am doing a fave things friday thing on my blog!

    And i do love compliments, too!

    Suddenly I See

  17. Ooh...this has made me smile today Emma!
    Hope you have a good 'rest of the week'
    Susan x


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