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Shiny Happy Music

I've been listening to more music.  

But this music hasn't been making me want to howl till my eyeballs hurt.  Instead, it's been making me grin till my cheeks ache.

If you don't believe me, just listen to this...

Were you grooving in your computer chair as much as me?

How about this...  

What pieces of music make you want to get jiggy and grin?

Music To My Ears

Recently I have been listening to music. 

To discover what kind of music I like.

Usually I tend to prefer listening to quiet, rather than having added noise. I like the sound of the wind in the trees.  Or the clock ticking.  Or just that gentle hush of the world going about it's business.

But as part of exploring being creative, I've wanted to find out what happens when I listen to music. 

In the past I've had music playing in the background.  Or have flipped on a cd while doing other things.  But recently I decided to start really listening to music.  Without doing anything else.  

And something a bit magical happened.

Here are three pieces of music that are so beautiful, they made me stop and breathe.  And then cry. 

What pieces of music really move you?

Squirrels And Sunflowers

Thank you so much for all your comments and messages on my blog birthday.  They are all very much appreciated. 

I haven't abandoned blogging.  I am back for another year.  Yay.

I have simply experienced a wee technological hitch over the past couple of weeks due to the squirrels who live in the trees surrounding my telephone pole.  So to speak.

They were clearly in need of some strips of wiring to enhance their home, and took the opportunity to eat through my telephone landline.

I woke up two weeks ago to find my telephone line dead.  And my connection to the blogging world, well, disconnected.

My provider company promised it would be repaired within three days.  It wasn't.  Mentioning no names. BT.

My landline has now been restored, and normal blogging can be resumed.

I have started making some new rings designs.  I have also started growing my own lettuce.  I am on fire.

And, at the beginning of the summer I planted sunflower seeds.  And they are in full bloom...

Aren't they beautiful?  I feel happy just looking at them.

Have a beautiful, sunny weekend. 
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