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Eye Eye

Thank you for all your warm words, support and feedback. I love reading your comments. You make a big difference to me on this creative journey and I really appreciate your coming by to see what I've been up to.

Eric and Ernie are enjoying playing out in the garden now that the weather has warmed up a bit, and I've been taking a cuppa, my art journal and a cluster of pencils out with me into the garden to sketch for a few minutes while I watch them play. I love the fresh, cool air.

I like to sit with my bare feet on the grass. It's freezing, so it wakes me the heck up, but it also feels good. I read somewhere once, I can't remember where, that when we walk barefoot on the ground we are connected to all the animals out in the world that are doing the same. I like to think of all the big, lollopy lions who are out there somewhere treading barefoot on the ground too.

Yes. These are the kinds of thoughts that roll round my head. Nervous?

I'm on to my next drawing ambition.

To draw a detailed portrait. Showing light and shade, full features. Without the person looking as if they are gurning...

So, in preparation, I've begun doing detailed pencil studies of different facial features. Starting with an eye.

If you're a bit queasy about close-ups of an eye, step back from your desk now...

Scan of drawing

I used a simple HB, alongside two coloured pencils in black and grey.  

Photo of drawing
I'm off now to have a go at a nose, ear, mouth and eyebrow.  This whole exercise feels like some twisted Mr. Potatohead game!

What have you been up to?
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