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Favourite Thing On A Friday - Painting - Bliss List # 7

For the past few months, my art journal has become a kind of magical place for me. When I open it up and sit down with my pens, I have no idea what's going to find it's way onto the page. Then as I sit there, I get a sense of something and start drawing and writing. My breathing slows down, my worries lift, and I go to the magical place I used to spend a lot of time when I was little... My imagination.

I haven't drawn like this since I was a child. And it's amazing to me to discover it feels exactly the same to me now as it did then.

My Favourite Thing On a Friday this week is getting lost in doodlings and my imagination again.  Making myself smile by drawing what was in my mind when I was little and is still there!


Little Bliss List #7

  • Lying on the sofa in my conservatory, reading a book, and falling asleep in the sun.
  • Waking up to find a dove had wandered into the conservatory and was sitting on the sofa too.
  • Having a moment of thinking exactly the same thing as a dove, at exactly the same second... "Good Gordon, what the...?"  
  • Finding myself in a wildlife situation I had never anticipated before.
  • Realising with some disappointment that I wasn't a dove whisperer.
  • Helping the dove find freedom by putting a blanket over it and lifting it gently into the garden.
  • Watching the dove fly off, as relieved as me.
  • Seeing the dove in my garden again this morning, totally undamaged by his close encounter with a startled woman.

I'm linking up with Live Lane again today.  Pop by and read all the bliss lists, it will make your heart sing. If you want to link up with Favourite Thing On a Friday, just add your blog post to the link tool below. I'll leave it open till Sunday evening!

I hope you're wearing your best stripey tights and smiling the biggest of smiles.

Sending love,

Favourite Thing On A Friday - Kids Getting Their Groove On - Little Bliss List # 6

This little guy made my heart sing this week.

Little Bliss List # 6

  • The amazing feedback I have recieved for my art journal pages.  Thank you.
  • Seeing all the spring flowers blooming in the garden.
  • Sitting in the conservatory enjoying the sunshine.
  • Getting visits from friends.
  • Hugging my mum.
  • Hugging Steve.
  • Hugging friends.
  • Hugging in general.
  • Eating a belgian bun that seemed to be bigger than my head.
  • Knowing I am loved.
I hope you're having a gorgeous Friday.  I'm linking up with Live Lane again today.  Link up with...


... in the section below.  I'm really looking forward to seeing what Spring has brought you this week by way of favourite things!

Beautiful Words

Here is another page from my art journal.  Words to live by, I think.


I hope you are having a beautiful day.

Favourite Thing On A Friday - Art-Journals - Little Bliss List # 5


Hello there!  I'm sorry I haven't been around the blogging world too much of late.  I've been feeling pretty rum.  And not the warming, yummy, alcoholic kind.  On the positive side, I've been taking the opportunity to harass my cats with hugs and squeezes as they peruse for a good spot on the bed. A kind of  "they pass and I grab" sid-uation. They've hated it, but I've been delighted.  I've missed my blogging friends and connecting with you, so I'm back today with some of my art journaling to show you.

When I was about 8 years old, I won a prize in a national colouring competition with the art supplies company "Berol". I was beyond excited when my prize arrived in the post.  This was circa 1977.  I had won a sponge ball tennis set.  Sponge balls were a fairly new toy invention, and theoretically meant I could play tennis in the house without damaging anything. I loved my prize, not least because I discovered I could make a hole in the sponge ball and put it on my thumb.  I could hide it behind my back and say to adults, with a sad look on my face, "I've caught my thumb in the door".  Then I could whip out my thumb, complete with huge sponge ball on the end, and glory in my fantastic sense of humour.  It never failed to make me snort laughing.  I never actually played tennis with my sponge ball tennis set, but have extremely fond memories of that sponge ball.

Stay with me on this...  It's going somewhere.

As a child I loved coloured pens, drawing, pencils, stationery, art supplies (and still do now).  I was constantly drawing.  I lost confidence in my drawing abilities at school when I was repeatedly admonished  with "Emma, draw what you see, not what you think you see".  My art teacher was a lovely lady but I never really understood what she meant.  My fourteen year old head was already under a lot of adolescent pressure (literally and metaphorically) from a full set of orthodontic braces and a light smattering of pimples. As far as I was concerned, I was drawing what I was seeing.  Just not very well. (I recently found some photos of the fourteen year old me.  I have no idea why I thought a homemade bow tie would make me look like a Duran Duran groupie. And FYI, it didn't.)

Recently, I bought some Berol felt tip pens and decided to have a doodle in my art journal.  I started to draw what I thought I saw rather than what I was seeing.  And here's what found it's way onto the page....




A big "Yaaaaaaay!" for Berol felt tip pens all these years later.   I love them as much now as I did all those years ago. My Favourite Thing On A Friday this week is doodling in my art journal.

Little Bliss List # 5 

  • Drawing and painting in my art journal.  It took me straight back to being 8 years old again.
  • Cuddling my cats.  Even when their eyes are bulging and they slightly hate me for not letting them go.
  • Being given flowers by friends.
  • Hearing the birds making a nest in the eaves above my bedroom.  It sounded like they were having a lot of fun unpacking their suitcases and dragging them across the floor.
  • Writing this blog post.
  • Having the courage to post photographs of my art journal pictures here on my blog, even though I'm nervous about doing it.
  • Enjoying watching Spring start to happen.  This is my favourite time of year.  New shoots, baby birds, lots of nest building, and cherry blossoms as far as the eye can see.  Gorgeous.
I'm linking up with Liv Lane's Little Bliss list today.  And don't forget to link up below with Favourite Thing On A Friday, so I can come by and see what you've been up to.

Big hugs and lots of love,

P.S. These art journal pages are my monthly make for March!
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