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Christmas Colouring In

At 45 years of age, I know that Christmas in December shouldn't come as a surprise to me.  But each year in September I think, "Right, autumn is on it's way. THIS year I'm going to be so organised.  I'm going to have Christmas sorted by November 5th."

And then, I enter some kind of trance.  My mind occupied with thoughts of cracking out my big pants now that the cold weather has arrived, and my time spent grumbling about how cold my butt cheeks get, never warming up 'til mid-June.  Then, generally around 3 weeks before Christmas, I snap out of my Cold Weather Coma and my thought patterns go something like this...

"Sweet Christmas Pudding and all the Pine Cones!  Where the eff did October and November go? I need to do some Christmas shopping. Oh, for the love of tinsel, where did I put those Christmas cards I bought back in January?"

Just to let you know I came out of my Cold Weather Coma today and after mentally doing a "Chicken Licken" for a good few minutes, I realised I had itchy art fingers again.  

So, I decided to do some doodling in my art journal.  And this is what appeared on the page...

A Christmas wreath.

The preparations for Christmas can be stressful for everyone.  What better way to relax than with a pile of coloured pens and a wee spot of colouring in?  I've never lost my love of colouring in and I figure a lot of other folk out there haven't either...

So, feel very free to print off and colour in this Christmas wreath.  To help you chill out on long winter nights once the children are in bed.  Or to colour in with the children as a lovely Christmas decoration for your home.  You could get really creative and turn it into small Christmas cards, or decorations for your tree, or link several small ones together to make a dangling "string of wreaths" or wreath bunting!  I'd love to see what you create.

You're welcome to use my wreath drawing in whatever creative way helps you chill out. A gift from me to you. If you're a teacher, feel very free to photocopy it for your class to get them practising their fine motor skills in the wind-down to the Christmas holidays.  All I ask is that you don't use my wreath art for re-sale purposes.  

Sending love and Christmas happiness to your neck of the woods.


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